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Boost productivity: how consultant Kasia took control of her time

Timeular is a highly effective tool for recruitment consultants to manage time

For anyone in Poland looking to build a high performing recruitment team, consultant Kasia Tang is usually your first port of call. As a trainer to recruiters, she helps ambitious companies source and attract the right person for the right role, helping them navigate the myriad tools to boost productivity along the way.

As an independent and in-demand consultant, Kasia was keen to understand exactly how she spends her time – and on what activities – in order to help plan future work. When a day slipped by that felt unproductive, without being equipped with time data, there was little Kasia could do to change it. “I felt like I wasn’t productive at all. It was very easy to get sucked in by social media instead of doing any meaningful work. I couldn’t recall later what I was doing. My calendar was technically filled in, but I knew that often it wasn’t actually the true representation of what I ended up doing.” When she discovered Timeular by chance on Facebook she decided to invest in a Tracker – a gift for her future self.

Boost productivity with the Timeular Tracker

Timeular is the easiest way to track time, see where it goes and take action to be more productive. The 8-sided physical Timeular Tracker makes time tracking simple to collect, minute-precise and with fewer forgotten or lost entries – all without a manual spreadsheet in sight. The Tracker automatically populates a timesheet in the Timeular app and the underlying data turned into meaningful insight.

Get a clear picture of where time goes

Reflecting the multitude of tasks a busy consultant works on daily, Kasia assigned activities including blogging, personal development, conference work and preparing training materials to her Tracker. Of the 8, some contribute directly to how much Kasia earns and others can be some as “just busy work”. Tracking her time, Kasia knows her ideal number of hours per day, though being familiar with productivity techniques she knows which levers to pull to carry on when in the zone or when to stop if a day isn’t going to plan.

“If I schedule anything in my calendar, I use Timeular to see if I actually followed through with my existing plan.”

With Timeular, Kasia now has a clear picture of where her days go, enabling her to answer questions such as “how much time do I need to prepare for this conference?” and better, she knows the relationship between personal & professional development and time she spends delivering training. “This will allow me to chose the right deals and events in the future, where the ROI is high”, she says. Furthermore, the physical Timeular Tracker helps her stay focused at one task and keeps her away from checking her phone too much.

Kasia testimonial for Timeular and how it gave her a productivity boost

Suffice to say, Timeular is an important tool in Kasia’s professional and personal development repertoire. Aside from her to-do list, it’s the only productivity tool she uses.

For others looking to emulate Kasia’s approach with Timeular, she’s got these tips:

  1. Make sure you’re tracking the right activities (Kasia keeps them high level and uses tags and notes to add granularity)
  2. Use the Tracker so that you don’t get distracted by your phone
  3. Set aside 5-10 minutes every day to see how you did and think what you could do tomorrow to be more productive
  4. Analyze time spent on activities vs outputs (to really help boost productivity)
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