How does Timeular help Vreni Sittler?

Author: Madalina Roman

Vreni Sittler is a busy mother, freelance artist, and owner of a Crossfit facility. Like many others, she strives to improve her work-life balance. Her discovery of Timeular has transformed the way she manages her time and helped create space for more rewarding activities.

Working from home, Vreni faces a constant stream of distractions. If it’s not the demands of her children, there is housework to do and a never-ending stream of emails to respond to.

Correct time estimates = more money

One of the biggest challenges she faces as an artist is creating reliable estimates for her work. “For years I have wrongly estimated when it came to making an offer for contract drawings for my clients. Artists earn far too little in general compared to what we do.” 

Vreni time miscalculations led to a shortfall of between 5 and 10 hours in favor of the client on most jobs. In some cases, her income for a job was less than the minimum wage.

“That was not really motivating, as you can imagine.” 

Tracking time with the Timeular app gives her to-the-minute accurate insights, making it easy to create accurate estimates for work.

The following portrait was the first that she tracked time for and helped her realize how wrong she had been with her time estimations previously. Instead of her planned 34 hours, the portrait took 41 hours.

TIP: Time tracking isn’t only for freelancers. Project managers, remote workers, team leaders and even students can benefit from time tracking. Get to know how and who can benefit from time tracking.

Better pricing after all

Analyzing her Timeular analytics helps Vreni see the difference between her perceptions and the reality of how time is spent. Her work as an artist consumes more time than she imagined: “It’s more a full-time job”. 

Being more efficient in how she spends her time has not only increased her earnings, but also improved her work-life balance. She now has more time to spend with her family and to pursue outside interests.

“The Timeular time tracking software was made for me. It’s exactly what I needed for my everyday life. The speed and chaos in our house are not easy to keep up with – my little Tracker gets that right and I would not want to be without it anymore.”

If Vreni’s busy lifestyle resonates with you, then introducing time tracking into your daily routine could be exactly what you need to improve your work-life balance.

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