Productivity Gifts: 14 Christmas Presents for Your Team

Author: Madalina Roman

Whether this year will go down in the history book of your company as record-breaking, or a challenging one, the holiday season is the perfect time to make your team feel valued for their commitment and performance. 

We know finding the right gift feels daunting, so we made a list of 14 gift ideas that will sparkle long after the holiday lights dim. Truth be told, they’re all with a productivity twist; we’re productivity nerds, after all. 

So, grab your preferred hot beverage, and stick around to explore unique productivity gifts that will impact your team’s well-being and performance, while showing them you put some thought into buying a personalized gift. Not that we’d be against festive baskets or planners, but we’ve all received them already, right?

The best productivity gift ideas for your team

1. Physical time tracker by Timeular

physical time tracking device

Time tracking is undoubtedly one of the most effective productivity hacks. However, motivating your team to track time can be a daunting task. Fortunately, with an 8-sided time tracking cube by Timeular it gets easier!

The Tracker, as it’s officially called, allows you and your team to track the time of 1000+ activities with the flip of a dice.

Hold on, 1000+ activities with an 8-sided dice? 

Sounds virtually impossible, but it’s not. You can assign activities to each side of the Tracker and track them by flipping to that side. Empty sides are like joker sides, allowing you to choose more in detail what to track. All its flips are sent via Bluetooth to the Timeular app with a calendar-like interface.

Through this super simple, smart, and intuitive time tracking app you can generate powerful reports and insights about time allocation, create time reports, and track billable hours.

The Tracker will help you and your team remove the stress of time tracking, identify task duration, find time sinks, and save time by optimizing processes based on the data gained by flipping the dice. It’s a win-win, isn’t it?

  • Insider tip: With the Tracker your team won’t have to open the app to manually start or stop tracking the time of a particular task. They will simply flip their personalized Tracker to start recording a new activity, which will be automatically saved.
We have special Tracker offers for teams. Just let us know how many you’d need.

2. The five-minute journal

As employee care can go beyond the office walls, this five-minute journal might be one of the best productivity gifts in disguise this holiday season. Before saying “It’s just another agenda to write to-do lists on”, hold up; there’s more to it, and you might discover a great gift.

Even on the busiest days, five minutes to practice gratitude and write down daily intentions before starting work can help your team boost productivity and reduce work-related anxiety. This leads to a more focused start to the day and improved self-reflection, which will positively impact their work, too.

They can write in their journal with their family, special someone, or their coffee-loving friend in the morning.

3. Ticktime Pomodoro Timer

The Ticktime Pomodoro Timer is created based on the Pomodoro technique, and is suitable both for productivity newbies, and the most productive people in your team, as it adds structure to their workflow.

In essence, Ticktime works as a time-blocking cube, which breaks your team’s daily to-do list into timed slots. These slots are made of focused work for tasks, as well as breaks, which is ideal for those stuck at the office chair and desk all day long.

4. The Oura ring

Ever heard about the Oura ring? The biohacker or health geek in your team will very much appreciate this gift, we promise.

You might even get the best gift sender award with this one!

They’ll probably know what’s in the box by its shape, as they checked their wishlist several times in the last year wondering if it’s a good idea to indulge in this pricey expense or not. 

Anyhow, the Oura ring monitors approximately 20 biometrics, among which there is a heart rate activity and overnight blood oxygen level, and it helps users understand how to get a good night’s sleep.

  • Note: If you plan to buy the ring for someone in the team who’s not into health, we recommend gifting them the “Why we sleep” book, too.

5. The AirPods Pro 2

The AirPods Pro 2 model of wireless earbuds makes the loudest coffee shop or open space office seem pretty manageable, even on an incredibly busy day. 

Their Active Noise Cancellation has doubled from their predecessor, so we think this will reduce the number of “do you hear me” questions in your Zoom meetings, too, which will aid efficiency.

All in all, these noise-canceling headphones are one of the most practical gifts you could offer, helping your team be more productive overall.

The AirPods will allow them to move around while in a stressful meeting or playing some brown noise in the background, so they focus on a single task.

6. The Remarkable tablet

Continuing the quest for the best productivity gifts, the Remarkable tablet is another most-wanted gift among highly productive people. It’s widely used among creatives who need to jot down their ideas or drawings before they slip away.

This tablet is the only digital notebook that feels like paper, a gift helping your team stay productive and focused without mindlessly scrolling for hours, whether in an office room or outside work hours.

Note: We’re considering necessary to mention a non-obvious benefit of this gift: having cleaner office space, as your team will ditch their sticky notes as soon as they start using it.

7. The Opal app

A tool that shouldn’t miss a best productivity gifts list is the Opal app! Most people consider that caring for your team’s digital well-being is not an obvious metric, but its impact on their capacity to focus and productivity can be noticeable.

Opal blocks out apps and notifications on a phone and computer, while giving real-time feedback, such as focus time and progress metrics.

Did we mention it offers rewards?

Reducing screen time and enhancing focus while being rewarded? We’ll get that; our minds need to save some mental space from the day-to-day sensory inputs, and we’re hoping your gift recipient will be as delighted as we are by this gift!

8. One-year subscription to the Calm app

Quotas, deadlines, end-of-year targets… Phew, now let us all have a breather!

The best breather for your team to take their minds off work can be just five minutes of meditation or breathing exercises with the Calm app.

No need for a white noise machine when they can have thousands of meditations at hand or play brown noise to be highly productive.

They’re becoming more resilient to stress while gaining mental space to focus, worry less, and improve their mental health.

  • Insider tip: When sending this gift, we’d suggest adding a personalized note, such as: As you’re a Peaky Blinders fan, you’ll probably enjoy listening to Cillian Murphy’s “Crossing Ireland by Train” story before sleep!

 9. A standing desk

Whether in the office or at home, a standing desk set-up helps with good posture, and reduced strain. It’s almost redundant to state the obvious (how vital movement is), but have you seen the popularity these desks have gained?

Some of its benefits include: feeling more alert and energized when standing, which helps during stressful presentations, and reduces back or neck pain as standing encourages a more upright posture. 

We’re no specialists in this, but here’s some studies at the bottom of this article, backing up all we’ve said.

10. Subscription to online learning platforms

Your team’s learnings generate a more insightful and innovative workplace culture, so gifting them a subscription to platforms such as Skillshare or Masterclass can be one of the most significant gift ideas.

Skillshare’s classes are bite-sized enough to fit into your team’s busy schedules, while they have a workshop at their fingertips, with courses ranging from design to business strategy. Your team will discover there’s always room for improvement in any area after checking Skillshare’s library!

Now, for those who ever dreamed of having a coffee with Anna Wintour or learning negotiation from Chris Voss, Masterclass should be the go-to gift. Even if it’s more expensive, think of it as mentorship on-demand for your team, while they gain access to some of the best professionals in the industry.

11. Loftie clock

If you too believe using a phone in the morning equals problematic alarm clocks, then Loftie is a good gift idea.

This alarm clock will help your team reduce the late-night scrolling while getting better sleep. It’s a full system equipped with loads of features, from white noise to guided meditation and a calming wake-up alarm.

Imagine Loftie as their sleep Google assistant or maybe a simpler Amazon Echo, lull your team and their family to sleep with AI bedtime stories personalized to their preferences, and adjusted brightness, just enough to wake them up the next day.

Design-wise, the clock would compliment their favourite desk lamp in the house perfectly!

12. RK61 Mechanical Keyboard

The RK61 Mechanical Keyboard has chances to make its way into your team’s hearts, and onto their desk space. Especially if your gift recipient is a 90s enthusiast! The keyboard has a compact layout, it’s wireless and has a lightweight frame, which makes it perfect to use on the go, either in a meeting room or at their desk.

With its responsive keys and stylish design, the multi-function keys allow for a variety of shortcuts, and commands without the need for a bigger keyboard, streamlining workflow and improving efficiency overall.

13. iVoler Laptop Stand

This year, you can raise the bar (or shall we say laptop?) with the iVoler Portable Laptop Stand. It’s the very simple upgrade that makes a world of difference in comfort and style for your team.

Better ergonomics translates into better posture at their desk, less neck pain, and productivity.

The portable stand aids with easy transport around the office, while its 6-level angle flexibility offers help in placing the screen to the user’s eye level. We’re saying this is a must-have gift, regardless of when it’s offered. It might save some time wasted at the doctor’s, too.

Tip: It could be thoughtful to gift two stands, one for their office desk and the other for their house office, or they can share it with family.

14. Baseus Blade Laptop Power Bank

This power bank is one of the gifts that’ll keep your team charged up through the holidays and well into the new year, when working on the go. The Baseus Blade is not just another tech support but an impressive powerhouse, charging a computer at 100W.

It’s as slim as a pen but can charge up to four devices at once while your team goes through marathon meetings in the office or end-of-year deadlines. They won’t have to worry about their batteries for hours.

So what is the best productivity gift, after all?

It’s the one that suits your team best! We’re sure, though, that your team will feel rewarded once they get one of the great productivity gifts from the list.

As we’re time-tracking-oriented, we can’t help but suggest offering a gift that gives back to your team long after the holiday lights dim. A gift that gives them actionable tips while it makes it a bit easier to be productive.

And if the Timeular tracking cube draws your attention so that your team builds a time-tracking habit, while flipping a dice, go ahead and grab your trackers!

Any question about Timeular tracker?