The Best Project Management Podcasts to Listen in 2024

There is a podcast for everyone on any subject, discussing many different points of view and interpreting facts and opinions. If you’re a listener for recreational reasons, why not promote this habit in your professional life?

If you’re interested in productivity, leadership, management, and skills development, we researched for you the best project management podcasts available on the most popular platforms.

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The best thing about listening to podcasts is that they are perfect for mindless chores and they’re free entertainment.

Learn essential lessons on the go, at home, during your commute, on a walk, or while doing housework.

Top 12 best project management podcasts to listen to right now

While no podcast is a real replacement for work and industry experience and good connections, they represent amazing ways to get insights and feel inspired by professionals who paved the way in the area.

Their availability makes them one of the most popular means of receiving and absorbing information and valuable knowledge.

One fantastic thing about podcasts is that you won’t quickly get bored. These discussions adopt a simple conversation-like format, a great way to help you retain information.

1. The Project Management Podcast

The name of this podcast couldn’t get straight to the point, and that’s what everyone wants from management podcasts.

Now, there are more than 480 episodes to listen to, filled with practical project management tips and strategies. It’s a very in-depth podcast, perfect for those getting or planning to get the PMP certification

This podcast, among others, allows you to receive PDUs (professional development units) that go towards the Project Management Professional Certification.

That’s why is one of the best project management podcasts to listen and it’s hosted by Cornelius Fichtner, providing on its website several valuable resources, perfect for those starting in the area.

Listen: Spotify / Website 

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2. People and Projects Podcast

Hosted by Andy Kaufman, this is one of the most popular podcasts on the subject, featuring interviews with influencers in project management.

With 200 episodes out, this podcast is updated monthly, and like the previous one, it also allows listeners to earn free PDUs for listening to it. Their website is worth exploring for all the resources and Andy Kaufman’s expertise. 

The People and Projects Podcast interviews highly skilled trainers with different perspectives on the various methods used in project management.

Listen: Spotify / Website

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3. Projectified Podcast

The Projectified Podcast is the official podcast of the Project Management Institute. It combines the latest trends in the project management world with sage advice and strategic solutions for professionals in the area.

You can listen to this podcast twice a month to get the latest news about successful project managers and their work.

Being a great educational tool, this podcast shares essential and relevant information with the audience. It was created to help project managers lead strategic initiatives and to increase collaborative teams’ ability to deliver solutions for their organizations.

Listen to it to develop your leadership skills and pass on expertise to your team. You’ll get access to interviews with business leaders, best-selling authors, and researchers. 

Listen: Spotify / Website

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4. Project Management for the Masses

Hosted by Cesar Abeid, the podcast is presented with the motto, “Life is a Project. You are the Manager”.

Cesar Abeid is a professional who helps people apply the principles of solid and capable project management to their work and their lives.

Increasing productivity is a goal for those listening to and applying its teachings. This podcast is also a valuable resource for professionals in the area.

Listen: Spotify / Website

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5. Project Management Happy Hour

Kim Essendrup and Kate Anderson host this podcast. Based on their description, they talk about project management straightforwardly and honestly.

In this podcast, each episode is focused on one situation that happens in everyday project management. Guests share tips and advice regarding the issue and the context in the industry today.

It’s the kind of podcast that provides honest feedback and visions of factual scenarios. The listeners can subscribe to the podcast and get quizzes, templates, and other exclusive content.

Listen: Spotify / Website

Free eBook: The Project Manager’s Handbook on Time Tracking

Get your step-by-step guide to master time tracking as a Project Manager

6. Manage This

The podcast tells you precisely what to do. Hosted by Andy Crowe and Bill Yates, this podcast’s episodes focus on industry leaders’ expertise.

The hosts are known for their in-depth knowledge of good practices and project operations focused on the day-to-day to-do list of project management tasks.

Like many others, Manage This also offers essential information on project management certifications and guides you in applying effective project management techniques.

Listen: Spotify / Website

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7. 5 Minutes Project Management Podcast with Ricardo Vargas

This is one of the most compact project management podcasts. Leadership expert Ricardo Vargas only needs five minutes to discuss project management strategies. Shorter episodes mean you can squeeze them easily into your workday.

Vargas also discusses project risk assessment in the more than 500 episodes available. Ricardo Vargas has been making this podcast since 2007, presenting topics in a practical, quick, and direct manner.

A good choice for those interested in crisis management that also allows a certificated professional to earn PDUs.

Listen: Spotify / Website

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8. The Project Chatter Podcast

The Project Chatter Podcast provides clear insights with an entertaining Australian accent. The episodes compile the opinions and experiences of professionals and experts from different sectors. There is a lot of conversation surrounding trends in the industry, and this show touches on those.

Val Matthews and Dale Foong discuss, in an unfiltered manner, the best practices to apply to progress your career and improve your project control skills.

Listen: Spotify / Website

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9. The Biker PM Podcast

Probably the most charismatic podcast on project management out there. Anthony Pavelich focuses the discussions around small businesses, which makes it a unique and exciting perspective.

In this podcast, you’ll listen to interviews with entrepreneurs and business managers who discuss the opportunities and failures they experienced in their careers.

Listen: Spotify / Apple Podcasts

10. The Lazy Project Manager Podcast

Even though this podcast has now ended, the many episodes Peter Taylor, author a host, posted are still available to listen to.

Peter Taylor is a transformation specialist with years of industry experience, delivering easy-to-listen-to talks on everything from personal productivity to efficiency and how to assign tasks. 

In many of the episodes, interviews with equally qualified guests provide significant insight into issues that project managers deal with daily. 

Listen: Apple Podcasts

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11. Project Management Office Hours

If you’re involved in project management, you likely heard of Joe Pusz or PMO Joe. The host interviews leading project managers to discuss current trends, topics, and lessons learned on the job.

Under the motto “Educate, Elevate, and Execute,” listeners can learn more about the value of professional Project Management. 

As the host states: “elevate the knowledge, understanding, and expectations for PM practitioners.

Execute better, consistently delivering Project Management solutions and providing value to your organization.”

Listen: Spotify / Website

12. PM Point of View Podcast

Kendall Lott hosts this podcast, containing brief but incredibly insightful interviews with project management practitioners. Lott is an experienced project manager, as well as a CEO.

He explores how project managers create value in surprising places in his conversations. Guests discuss their unique perspectives on project management, challenges, and its future.

Listen: Website


Whether you’re an experienced project manager or gearing up for this career path, listening to project management podcasts is an excellent way of learning.

They’re available on the go, ready to teach valuable lessons anywhere and anytime. It’s a flexible and, most importantly, free way of acquiring knowledge.

Keep yourself up to date by selecting one project management podcast that suits your particular PM interests at the time.

You’ll get privileged information from other industry professionals with years of experience looking to share their knowledge with the world. 

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