Project Management Videos: The Best YouTube Channels in 2024

Author: Karolina Matyska

There are many ways of receiving and assimilating content, and it’s fair to say that video is one of the most popular. During the past decade, we witnessed the rise of video influencing, not only for fun and escapism purposes but also for professional knowledge.

Videos are excellent learning support. There are several Project Management videos on YouTube to set you on the right path.

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Learning from videos on YouTube is perfectly acceptable in all areas, as they grab the attention of viewers with higher success rates than other types of media.

There are many creators and video styles, which means there is something for every viewer’s tastes. Explore some of the best with us.

Watch, learn, and keep yourself updated with the best project management videos.

The 8 best Project Management video channels on YouTube

1. Project Management Institute

The Project Management Institute is the world’s leading project, program, and portfolio management professionals association. The institute has a complete YouTube channel with a group of diverse videos. 

They state that “through global advocacy, collaboration, education, and research, we work to prepare more than three million professionals around the world for The Project Economy: the coming economy in which work, and individuals, are organized around projects.”

In this channel, you’ll have access to shorter videos in a “problem solving” type of flow, end-of-year round-ups, impact stories and interviews with professionals of the area, panels, talks, and information on Project Management certification.

This is currently the most popular video on the channel, with 10 million views.

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2. Chris Croft

Chris Croft is an international expert on Time Management, Project Management, Leadership, and Negotiation.

Chris has had a YouTube channel since 2007, where he shares a mixture of business advice videos, educational sessions, talks, and even some fun videos.

This British expert offers in-person courses but is available worldwide: with training on LinkedIn, Udemy, and his website, as well as his videos. Have you ever thought about turning Project Management into a rap song? Chris did.

His most popular video explains Project Management in under 8 minutes.

3. Online PM Courses

Mike Clayton, PhD, trainer in project managing and author, has one of the best YouTube channels for Project Management.

He’s the founder and CEO of Online PM Courses: Project Management training and learning. His experience gives him the knowledge to be an acclaimed executive coach, trainer, and speaker.

The videos are among the resources provided by Dr. Mike Clayton, directed toward people who want to build a project career and become better project managers.

Free eBook: The Project Manager’s Handbook on Time Tracking

Get your step-by-step guide to master time tracking as a Project Manager

There are two videos published per week, organized by length and content. For example, one is shorter and more straight to the point, while the second focuses on learning and strategic thinking.

Did you know that Mike Clayton has written 14 best-selling books on the subject? The most popular video and one of the best Project Management videos on his channel explains the Gantt Chart.

4. IT Project Managers

Active since 2016, the IT Project Managers channel is managed by Dmitryi Nizhebetskiy. As the name suggests, it focuses on IT.

The host defends that as most project managers don’t have formal education in the area, trial and error is something authentic in the everyday life of these workers. With his teachings, Dmitryi hopes to change that.

All of the Project Management videos on this channel are very practical, and filled with tips. The most popular one is about job interview basics for project managers.

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5. International Institute for Learning

Moving on to another institution that creates YouTube videos on Project Management, we have the International Institute for Learning. As a company, they provide corporate training for individuals, organizations, and teams.

Their YouTube videos, available since 2009, include training and custom courses in the project, program, portfolio management, business analysis, Lean Six Sigma, and Agile.

It’s a great place to start if you’re thinking about getting a certification in a customized and impactful way. Their most popular video illustrates this perfectly, as it’s about “What’s So Great About Project Management.”

6. TechnologyAdvice

TechnologyAdvice is a website with resources for buyers and sellers of business technology. This channel, available since 2013, provides unbiased resources to help project managers.

Here, you have access to product reviews, for example. Choosing the best tools and technologies will help project managers improve their daily work.

Their most popular video is about using Microsoft Excel as a Project Management tool.

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Free eBook: The Project Manager’s Handbook on Time Tracking

Get your step-by-step guide to master time tracking as a Project Manager

7. Adriana Girdler

Adriana Girdler is ready to help “slay your projects.” She’s the president of Cornerstone Dynamics, a project and product management specialist company.
Active on YouTube since 2013, Adriana Girdler posts weekly videos focused on key skills needed by Project Management professionals and strategies to help them thrive in their careers.

The videos are all under 15 minutes (most are even under 10)  and answer concrete questions, such as explaining scrum and how it works, the steps to take over a project successfully, and the essential product documents a PM needs.

The most popular video explains how a new project manager should introduce him/herself to a team confidently and effectively.

Find the best ways to improve your project management skills.

8. Association for Project Management

Through the Association for Project Management (APM), a professional in this area can have a membership and join individuals, organizations, and students, developing qualifications and improving skills. Naturally, its channel features videos about the association, capabilities, and membership, events, webinars, and Project Management videos.

Based in the United Kingdom, the APM provides the “activities [to]  build the profile the profession warrants.”

The most popular video on this educational YouTube channel is relatively straightforward: “What is Project Management?”

Get to know the best PMP certifications you can have.

Other Project management videos you should watch

  • Agile Project Management with Kanban – an approach on how to handle task management with Kanban and Agile.
  • Sh*t Project Managers Say – a funny way to look at the daily life of a project manager.
  • What it *really* takes to be a Product Manager – an honest way to look at the daily life of a young project manager working in tech.
  • A sixth sense for Project Management – this is a Tedx Talk, given by Tres Roeder, author of two best-sellers, “A Sixth Sense for Project Management” and “Managing Project Stakeholders”.
  • A Day in the Life of a Project Manager – a project manager for an agency in New York shows the audience what a day in the life of a project manager is actually like, including work hours, work environment, meetings, and job duties.


We’ve listed some of the best YouTube channels for Project Management. There you can find Project Management videos and use YouTube as an educational tool; whether you’re an experienced project manager or gearing up towards this career path, it is an excellent way of learning and staying on top of the industry.

They’re a free way to acquire knowledge that does not lack quality.

Due to situations lived in the recent past and the latest trends, Project Management is going through some changes. A lot of teams work remotely, there are further advances in digitization technologies for remote progress tracking, and automation is growing exponentially.

This means that the work of a human project manager will be worthwhile. The more the project managers educate themselves, the better they can work with the mechanical and digital parts of the work.

Technology will continue transforming not only the management industry but also many others.

The human worker needs to take advantage of that and make the most of the resources and materials at their disposal. 

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