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How Timeular helps an HR business owner optimise management processes

How does Timeular help Tiffany optimize HR management processes?

Tiffany is the founder of Pitch HR which specializes in providing customized solutions for individuals and organizations. Her services include workshops and webinars, recruitment, HR consulting, and brand partnerships across a variety of sectors including tech, biotech, healthcare, real estate, accounting, and the legal sector.

The challenge: getting visibility into how time is being spent

Many of the business leaders that Tiffany works alongside are keen to gain broader insights into employee focuses to help them understand where time is spent. “Transparency is a major part of many company cultures and Timeular helps provide an easy-to-implement solution”, she says.

There are roles in any company where it’s easy to ascertain an individual’s level of productivity as there is easy visibility when assessing it in connection to a project or presentation as visibility is easy.

The variety of tasks facing HR management teams means it’s not so simple. This can be frustrating, particularly when departments question where time has gone and you don’t have a clear record of your activities.

Tiffany’s role includes providing human resource management and services like resume crafting and interview coaching and she was struggling to get a clear picture of where her time was going.

The solution: increasing transparency

Before using Timeular, Tiffany attempted to track her time by adding time blocks to her Google Calendar. She found this time-consuming and harder to provide insights for the week. By tracking each activity with her Tracker, she can now show exactly how much time is spent working on the different companies she supports. For Tiffany, tracking time has lots of benefits.

“Using Timeular means I can keep my work hours in check for a better work-life balance. In a previous role, I worked continuously for 50 to 70 hours sometimes and at the end of the week had no idea where my time went. Now, I can monitor and cap myself when needed. I can also force myself to unplug for breaks and be at peace knowing that I can review the time I spent being productive and dedicated to clients needs.”

On a personal level, time tracking has reassured Tiffany on the days when she has worked less than eight hours as she can see that there are other days when she has clocked up 12 hours to offset the difference.

The data from Timeular makes it easy for HR management teams to build trust and transparency.

The result: no energy wasted on trying to prove things

Introducing Timeular into her working life has had a transformational effect upon how Tiffany works.

“Timeular is a game-changer. Timeular has so easily become ingrained in my routine. With just a flip of the Tracker, I can switch gears and prove I’m bringing value to any organization and maintaining productivity levels. I don’t need to take notes and prove that I’m working. For anyone who works as a micromanager, this will make life so much easier. Make the small investment for a big return!”

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