How does Timeular help Nekka to identify time wasters and get rid of them?

Author: Karolina Matyska

Nekka is an artist/illustrator and works as a freelancer for Nekka’s Art. She wanted to understand how much time she spent on creating art vs the additional activities to advertise and sell it. To find the right balance, she started tracking with Timeular.

Less social media, more creative artwork

Which activities should I track? That’s a question a lot of people ask themselves. Nekka solved it that way: she thought about the tasks she wanted to manage the time she spends on them.

“I need to keep a balance in my freelance career to ensure I have enough time to focus on all my different tasks.”

She tracks Art, Commissions, Website, Administration, Shop, Patreon, Promotion & Networking, Exhibitions. 

To begin with, she looked at how much time she spent on social media. 

With the help of the analytics, she identified where her time was going to waste and decided where it could be better spent and how to use it more productively. 

“The main issue was spending too much time running social media without having content to post. Seeing the time spent showed me how creating more art would naturally allow more content to be posted. Timeular helps me keep this balance.”

She now has 3 additional hours a week of creative work and spends less time coming up with ideas for her social accounts. 

Nekka’s tips: prioritize, find the right tasks, and Toggl integration

  1. You waste a lot more time than you realize on lower-priority tasks. Creating a list of priorities helps you get to the things you need most.
  2. One of my challenges was organizing my tasks among the 8 sides of the time tracking device. I realized it was more simple to track tasks by a generic category rather than getting confused by too many. I kept things simple and it went much easier.
  3. I use Todoist to log my tasks and see what I’ve accomplished, I also use Toggl in combination with Timeular to help tag my tasks into subcategories and create PDF exports for clients.

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