Success story

How Timeular helps a business owner track his billable hours

Gordon Seirup is the owner of Copper Leaf Creative, a website development company.

The challenge: finding an easy way to capture billable hours

Running a busy website development company means that Gordon needs to be efficient and accurate in his time tracking. He was struggling to juggle tasks and needed to ensure that he was billing as many hours as possible.

The solution: using Timeular to maximize profitability

Gordon started using Timeular with time blocks. His days are always full of tasks and meetings and so he starts his day with a two hour ‘quiet time’ block and includes a 30 minute break in between. He defines these as his “high-grade production hours” for the day. In the afternoon, he spends time getting through small tasks, responding to emails and organising upcoming work.

He has brought these tasks together on the 8 sides of his Timeular Tracker: Administrative, Business Development / Learning, Personal, Press Managed, Pro Bono / Trade, Production, Sales / Networking, Support.

“These are the different ‘types’ of time I spend each day.” Reviewing past data in the Timeular app allows Gordon to see what proportion of his time is spent on tasks which are billable and those which are important for the operational side of the business.

The outcome: 107% happier

Gordon has successfully increased the amount of billable hours that he is tracking and describes himself as being “107% happier.” He reviews his data to identify which tasks need more attention and those which should be delegated to other staff members to ensure that the company maximises its profitability.

He attributes his consistent time tracking to the power of the physical reminder which is the tracker.

Start tracking with ease

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