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How does Timeular help Glen Schild be more productive?

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Time is the most valuable thing we have. As more of us switch to working from home, the boundaries between our private and work lives are blurring. Looking after our time is becoming as important as looking after our physical and mental health. It’s one of the reasons why increasing numbers of working professionals are turning to Timeular’s all-in-one time management solution.

Glen Schild has been using time tracking software for nearly a year now. As the owner of software company GJ Stats, understanding where time is spent informs all aspects of his business. Seeking to better manage his work from home time and prioritize tasks led to his discovery of Timeular.

“I tend to work in short sharp sessions of around 60-90 minutes. Everything is a balance between client meetings, development work, dealing with support requests and developing new business opportunities.”

Balancing tasks effortlessly

Glen’s day-to-day work revolves around a core set of tasks that he assigns to his time tracking cube. Flipping the dice each time he changes activities, data is automatically recorded in the time tracking app.

If Glen is in the midst of deep work, he uses the QuickTrack desktop shortcut feature of the app, allowing him to track unlimited activities and add notes to entries with the minimum effort and interruption.

Integrating essential work tools

With remote working, having the right tools at your disposal makes all the difference when it comes to staying on top of time. The ability to integrate his Timeular account with Toggl means Glen can sync accurate timesheet data effortlessly.

Our recent integration with Zapier also allows him to connect his other apps with Timeular. Over 3,000 tools including QuickBooks, ClickUp and Slack are supported through the integration, meaning it’s never been easier to automate workflows and unlock time. 

A helping hand to ‘get things done’

Glen’s time tracking journey with Timeular has transformed his approach to work. With time insights at his fingertips, he can direct his energy to aspects of the business that need it most. His billing process has become more accurate and seamless too, with time reports exportable in one click. Updating clients on the progress of work is now a seamless process too.

For anyone looking to overcome the same challenges that led him to track time with Timeular, Glen has some words of wisdom.

“Timeular takes care of time which is so much better than time taking care of you! Don’t overthink how to use it, focus on the headlines, the bigger picture.”

Tracking your time is a simple practice that can have wide-reaching benefits, helping you redesign your job and find the perfect life balance. Whether you’re juggling the demands of running a business like Glen or just want to find a better way to stay focused and productive while working from home, an all-in-one solution like Timeular could be the best investment you make.

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