Success story

How does Timeular help Leona, an architect at Farnsworth Group?

With Timeular, tracking time and timesheet entry is effortless and fun.

Leona works as Senior Architect at Farnsworth Group.

Some days Leona works on 5 to 6 different projects and juggles any general office administration tasks in between.

It was difficult for Leona to know exactly how much time she spent on these tasks and to decide which ones to optimize. She knew that timesheets would help to get clarity, but she had to instantly fill them in as otherwise, she forgot how long it took her.

“It’s not always easy tracking how much time I’ve spent – that’s where Timeular time tracking app comes in.”

Timeular makes it easy for her to prioritize and fill in timesheet

Leona starts her workday by selecting the task which has the highest priority due to schedules or deadlines. She chooses one for the first half of the day and maybe another one for the second half.

Tasks for other projects or administration tasks pop up and need to be taken care of instantly. Once they are done, she goes back to her prioritized task.

She tracks each task she is taking care of and then compares billable vs non-billable hours and re-evaluates her priorities based on this accurate information.

To know if it is billable or non-billable time, Leona simply tracks her projects (which are paid) and general office administration. “If there is a specific billable item which needs to be tracked for a project I usually just add a note to the logged time.”

“The billable hours I am entering on my timesheet are more accurate and providing a better value to the clients for my time.”

Analytics help her keep administrative tasks under control

The analytics help her see how much time she has spent on a specific task for either just a day (for her timesheet) or to verify how much total time she has spent on a particular project. “This makes it easier to check if we have gone over our contracted work hours,” she says.

If administrative tasks are consuming more time, Leona reviews what she might have done that day or week. “I decide whether or not it is an issue before taking action. Some days or weeks are heavy with company-based meetings required training sessions which really can’t be helped.”

Leona’s tip: Put your Tracker where you can see it

If you use the Timeular time tracker device, make sure to place it in a location where you can remember to flip it when you change tasks. It’s easy to forget if you don’t have it directly in your line of sight.

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