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Ben’s story of balancing his life and creating jobs with Timeular

Ben Success Story
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“Understand that time is your most precious resource in life. You can get more food, you can make more money, but you can never make more time. Use it wisely and spend it intentionally.”

Ben not only needs to take care of his business. He also plays in a band, is the music director and pastor for an online campus and a father. For getting more balance into his different responsibilities, he needed something that made sure that the right tasks are getting his attention for the right amount of time. That’s what he uses Timeular for.

“When I identify an imbalance I can address it and make changes to my schedule to make sure everything keeps moving forward and nothing gets left behind.”

How Ben uses Timeular in his daily life

Ben starts his day by writing his To-Dos into a Bullet Journal and then begins to check them off.

The mornings are for deep work time. That’s when he does creative work or tasks that are mentally taxing. “Get that stuff done when your brain is fresh.”

Afternoons are reserved for administrative tasks that don’t require as much mental overhead and for spending time with his 5-year-old son.

He identified the major tasks that he does on a daily basis and used them as his activities. He tracks  Production workflows, meetings, coaching, administration and finance, email and phone calls, and IT Support.

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Since his activities are rather generic, he uses tags and notes to specify them.  Ben assigns them to clients and marks them as #billable or #notbillable. Moreover, he uses the notes to briefly describe what he was doing at that time.

“With that information, I can see which clients are using more of my time and make sure that I’m billing my clients appropriately.”

He uses the data he gets from his Analytics to determine which aspects of his business require most of his time. After that, he will bring on employees to take on some of that load. “I guess Timeular is a job creation tool as well, who knew?”

See time as your financial budget

“For me, Timeular is like a financial budget, but for time instead of money. Without Timeular I wouldn’t have a clear picture of how my time is being spent and if that time is making me money or losing it. Timeular is an invaluable tool for me not just for business but for making sure that my life is moving in the same direction as my goals.”

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Ben’s tip: create generic activities and specify them in the notes

Ben suggests making your activities generic. That way it doesn’t matter which client you’re working for or what project you’re working on. Choosing the appropriate task is so easy – you don’t have to think about it. And of course, you can then use the notes to specify them.

“I haven’t really had any challenges with Timeular. It’s easy to get it up and running quickly, improvements are constantly being made to the software, and the few times I’ve needed to contact support they’ve been responsive and helpful.”


Ben is the founder and owner of Braveo. Lots of businesses struggle to clearly communicate how they help their customers. Braveo helps businesses clarify their marketing and make more money.