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How a software engineer stays focused when working remotely

How an engineer reduced disruptions fourfold with Timeular

Software engineer, Jenny, works remotely and started using Timeular during the pandemic in 2019.

The challenge: struggling to maintain focus

When the pandemic hit and all of a sudden the days of stand up meetings and in-person collaboration with her engineering department were gone, Jenny found herself spending hours on Zoom and juggling work with home schooling.

Struggling to settle into deep work, feeling like she hadn’t achieved anything on her to-do list and finding herself increasingly less productive, Jenny knew that she needed to find a way to maintain a better balance.

If I’m honest I found it really overwhelming. I had the kids at home and felt added pressure to demonstrate to my team that I was getting work done as we were in the midst of a big project.

The solution: using Timeular to increase productivity

Jenny’s colleague suggested that she tried Timeular to increase productivity and achieve more with her time.

Timeular has been a game changer. It has helped me develop a discipline for being mindful of my time and really understanding the value of it so I get more done.

Jenny built her new habit using the time tracker cube to track daily activities and projects that she was working on. She now uses this alongside QuickTrack. The feature allows her to track unlimited activities, add notes to entries without losing her flow and stay focused on the tasks at hand. It’s also easy for her to review entries in the analytics dashboard – particularly helpful when she has been troubleshooting issues for clients and needs to provide an accurate record of her time spent.

Jenny downloads and exports her time reports, which enables her to know exactly how long it takes her to fix an issue and ensures that she is capturing all of the billable time. By sharing her reports with project management, the team can also see which projects need extra attention too.

The outcome: clear boundaries and better productivity

Timeular has helped Jenny improve productivity and set clear boundaries between work and home time.

When working remotely, it’s easy to still be at my laptop at 9pm, replying to emails while watching TV. Having a weekly goal set makes me more focused on making my work hours as productive as possible.

If you’re looking for guidance to help stay productive when remote working, we’ve developed a remote working guide full of tips. From how to plan your day, to tips on hosting efficient virtual meetings, the guide will help ensure every minute of your time counts.

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