How does Timeular help Jennifer with remote working?

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Do you ever reach the end of your work day and feel like you haven’t achieved anything on your to-do list? Maybe you’ve been caught up in a surge of emails, sat through long and unproductive conference calls, or just struggled to settle into deep work? The sense of time slipping away matched by a desire to improve productivity is something that many will be familiar with. 

Adapting to a new work setting

Software engineer Jennifer Blackett experienced these feelings last year when the global pandemic forced her company to implement a work-from-home policy. Suddenly, the days of stand up meetings and in-person collaboration with her engineering department were gone, replaced by Zoom calls and home schooling.

Finding the right balance between work and home life became a challenge, and her productivity slumped.

“If I’m honest I found it really overwhelming. I had the kids at home and felt added pressure to demonstrate to my team that I was getting work done as we were in the midst of a big project”.

Using Timeular to improve productivity

A colleague recommended Jennifer try Timeular’s time tracking software to improve productivity and achieve more with her time. What started out ten months ago as an experiment has now become an integral part of her daily routine. Seeing its impact has also convinced her husband to adopt the practice. 

“Timeular has been a game changer. It has helped me develop a discipline for being mindful of my time and really understanding the value of it so I get more done.”

Finding her flow

Jennifer initially used the time tracker cube to track daily activities and projects that she was working on – “it was good to help me build the habit” – but now prefers the ease of the keyboard shortcut, QuickTrack. The feature allows her to track unlimited activities, add notes to entries without losing her flow and stay focused on the tasks at hand. It’s also easy for her to review entries in the analytics dashboard – particularly helpful when she has been troubleshooting issues for clients and needs to provide an accurate record of her time spent.

Improved work balance

The Timeular app contains a range of features to help people work smarter, not harder. As a case in point, the goals feature has helped Jennifer improve productivity and set clear boundaries between work and home time.

“Working remotely it’s easy to end up on the laptop at 9pm, replying to emails while watching the TV. Having a weekly goal set makes me more focussed on making my work hours as productive as possible”.

Improved work efficiency

The benefits of time tracking have been recognized by her boss too. As a Pro user, Jennifer is able to download and export to-the-minute accurate reports in one click. As a software engineer, knowing exactly how long issues take to fix is crucial and ensures time is logged appropriately as billable. The project management team can also see which projects need extra attention too.

“If you’re looking for a simple solution that can have a positive impact on your productivity, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Timeular. It’s an investment in my professional life, but also helps me feel more confident in myself about what I’m actually achieving”.

If Jennifer’s story resonates with you, adopting a time tracking practice is a simple way of leveling up your work processes. It can help improve team productivity too. The Shared Spaces feature of the app allows teams to track time together from wherever they are, increasing efficiency and helping solve common issues like timesheet submissions.

Work from home guide

If you’re looking for guidance to help stay productive when remote working, we’ve developed a remote working guide full of tips. From how to plan your day, to tips on hosting efficient virtual meetings, the guide will help ensure every minute of your time counts.

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