Success story

How a founder and business coach used Timeular to increase revenue by €15K

Business coach generates 15K more in 2 weeks time analysis

Isabel Sacher is a business coach and founder of a Isabel Sacher Business Coaching which helps female entrepreneurs find clarity and develop business strategies.

The challenge: keeping track of projects for all clients

Seeing a growing pattern of her working ever longer hours in the office, Isabel knew that she needed to invest in time analysis to take back control of her time. Isabel was charging her clients based on estimations of how long each project was taking and she knew that she was undercharging based on the amount of work she was creating.

The solution: better price calculations and time analysis

Isabel’s husband gifted her a Timeular Tracker to start her time tracking journey. She uses the Tracker when in the office and the mobile app while she is on outside appointments or working from a cafe. Isobel finds the Tracker to be particularly helpful when time tracking: “the Tracker reminds me to stay focused. It’s easy to use and intuitive.”

At the beginning of the day, she sets out her goals, ideas and priorities and finishes with a list of important things she needs to do that day.

She tracks Client Calls, 1:1 Sessions, Emails, Marketing, Maintenance, Creating and Writing. To optimise her insights, she uses #tags to assign the tracked entry to the specific client.

At the end of the week, Isabel reviews her insights to see how many hours she worked. Isabel keeps an eye on the ratio of non-productive and productive work because its important for her price calculations to know how many hours actually go into marketing/acquiring new clients compared to productive client work. She is able to easily see how much time she has spent on each client project, an insight she found hard to keep track of before using Timeular.

Seeing how much time she spends on each task informs her decisions about when to outsource work. For example, Isabel used to maintain her website but when Timeular highlighted how many hours she was spending on this, she made the decision to hire someone to take over the responsibility.

The outcome: charging clients according to the output

“Tracking your time is very important, especially when you are the owner of your business. Nobody else is in charge of your working hours and, even more important, your health. Small business owners tend to feel overwhelmed and burned out quickly and Timeular is such an important tool to help keep track of your working hours and prevent that.”

Thanks to Timeular, Isabel is able to maintain focus on her work and by looking at her insights, she is able to identify when she is over-servicing a client, which informs her decisions to increase how much she charges them. Isabel was able to add €15K more to her revenue over two weeks once she realised that she was undercharging her clients for the amount of work she was undertaking.

Isabel has also managed to reduce her working hours as Timeular has helped her understand where she is losing time and where she can be more efficient with batch work. Now she plans her social media posts in advance in order to reduce the amount of small interruptions these were creating between her focused work.

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