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How did Timeular help Isabel generate 15k more in 2 weeks through time analysis?

Timeular software provides effortless time tracking to help business owners increase workplace productivity

Isabel Sacher is a business coach and founder of a coaching company that helps female entrepreneurs find clarity and develop business strategies.

Seeing a growing pattern of her working ever longer hours in the office, Isabel’s husband gifted her a Timeular time tracking dice to perform time analysis and take control of her time.

How Isabel incorporates Timeular into her day

At the beginning of the day, she journals about her goals and priorities, about ideas and finishes with a list of important things she needs/wants to do. 

Isabel starts working around 7:30/8:00 am and ends her day at 6 pm “and sometimes a little extra shift after dinner until 9 pm. “

She tracks Client Calls, 1:1 Sessions, Emails, Marketing, Maintenance, Creating and Writing. Additionally, she sometimes assigns different temporary tasks. Furthermore, she uses the #tags to assign the tracked entry to the specific client. 

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Isabel 's Timeular Tracker

“Tracking my time is crucial to see how many of my working hours were ‘productive’ and how much time I spend with the more creative and the administration part of my business. Also to keep track of the projects and hours I work for clients.”

She uses the Tracker at her office and the mobile app while she is on outside appointments or working from a cafe.

Better price calculations and outsourcing tasks with time analysis

At the end of the week, she checks her statistics to see how many hours she worked. 

Isabel keeps an eye on the ratio of non-productive and productive work because it is important for her price calculations to know how many hours actually go into marketing/acquiring new clients compared to productive client work.

Seeing how much time she spends on each task makes her aware of the need to outsource some of them. For example, she used to do her website on her own and seeing how many hours really went into this at the end of the month made her find somebody to take care of this task.

15k more money in two weeks

Isabel made 15k more money in 2 weeks because she finally can keep her focus. And not only that – while looking at her analytics (the feature in Timeular time tracker app that enables time analysis) she noticed that she was working way more hours for a specific client than originally agreed, so she charged him accordingly afterwards. 

“At the same time, my working hours reduced after I realized where I am losing time and where I can be more effective with batch work.”

For instance, she now plans her social media posts in advance to reduce the small interruptions in between her work.

Tip: time tracking prevents burn out

“Tracking your time is very important, especially when you are the owner of your business. Nobody else is in charge of your working hours and, even more important, your health. Small business owners tend to feel overwhelmed and burned out quickly and Timeular is such an important tool to help keep track of your working hours and prevent that.”

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