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How does Timeular help the architect Guidy Reijmer?

Timeular helps improve time management skills and increase productivity

Whatever field of work you are in, time management skills are essential for achieving a good work-life balance. Faced with an ever-increasing number of digital distractions, it’s easy for work time to slip by with no way of knowing where time has been spent.

In some countries, companies are now required by tax authorities to demonstrate that employees have worked a certain number of hours each year. Having an all-in-one time tracking solution helps staff improve time management skills and develops operational transparency.

Levelling up work processes

Guidy Reijmer is an architect at Daktuin Design in the Netherlands who started using Timeular in an attempt to take control of her time. In finding which activities to track, she spent a week checking which tasks she performs when away from the computer. She then allocated these tasks and other common ones to the Timeular Time Tracking Cube.

She uses the Timeular Tracker in the living room to track smaller daily tasks like calls, visits and sketches. Work done on the computer is tracked using the desktop app. When she is on the road, the Timeular mobile app captures her time and shows her exactly how her time is panning out. The insights allow her to develop time management skills by making data-informed decisions.

Increased billing and transparency

Accurately accounting for billable hours is a common issue facing many people in their working lives. Calls and desk chats are often forgotten but are just as valuable, and should be charged to the client too.

“recording that time and calculating it made me recoup the Timeular Tracker in a week”. 

Guidy now has a more honest picture of how much time she spends on each project, including calls, quick questions, commuting time, and sketching.

“Since I started using Timeular I have about one hour per day that can be billed extra.”

Improved work-life balance

Using Timeular has helped Guidy experience another benefit: better focus and an improved work-life balance. When she first started using the tracker, Guidy had time entries of only 5 minutes or less. Every time she received an email or a call with a new task, she immediately picked it up. Seeing her Timeular analytics made her realise how un-constructive her time was, allowing her to make the changes necessary to increase her productivity and unlock time for activities outside of work. Nowadays, Guidy knows how important is to track time to increase her performance and improve her work-life balance.

“I switched to a priority schedule and a to-do list for the day. This way I keep my flexibility but it is a bit more concentrated.” 

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