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How Timeular helps a landscape architect maximize profitability

How Timeular helps a landscape architect maximize profitability

Guidy Reijmer is an architect at Daktuin Design in the Netherlands. The company specializes in garden roof design to help people make the most of their outdoor space.

The challenge: staying focused throughout the day

Guidy needed a way to take control of her time and make sure that she was accurately billing clients for projects. She was struggling to stay focused on her work and found that she was distracted by tasks that popped up throughout the day.

The solution: tracking all of the small tasks to get a clear picture

Guidy spent a week checking making a note of all tasks she performs when away from the computer. She then allocated these tasks along with all of her daily activities to the Tracker.

“I switched to a priority schedule and a to-do list for the day. This way I keep my flexibility but it is a bit more concentrated.”

Guidy uses the Tracker to track smaller daily tasks like calls, visits and sketches. Work done on the computer is tracked using the desktop app. When she is on the road, Guidy uses the Timeular mobile app to capture her time and shows her exactly how her working hours are being spent. She then reviews the insights to make data-informed decisions to decide how she manages her time.

The outcome: increased billing and transparency

Guidy now has an accurate picture of how much time she spends on each project including calls, quick questions, commuting time and sketching. She has found that since she started using Timeular and tracking all of her billable time, she has been able to bill an extra hour a day.

Using Timeular has helped Guidy maintain focus and achieve a better work-life balance. When she first started using the tracker, Guidy had lots of time entries for five minutes and under. Every time she received an email or a call with a new task, she immediately picked it up. Looking through the insights that Timeular provided made her realise how she needed to optimize her time and make some changes. Guidy was able to increase her productivity and unlock time for activities outside of work.

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