Success story

Putting your time to better use: how VP of Business Ops Angela uses time data to prioritize and spend more time on what matters

As any pet owner will attest, you’d do anything to make sure your little friend is in good shape. So it’s no wonder that care-now, pay-later provider Scratch Financial is a popular choice for owners and providers alike. 

It’ll also come as no surprise that as VP of Business Operations for the in-demand startup, Angela Morisette finds herself context switching often. And if you’re juggling multiple projects at once, knowing that time is spent in the right areas is crucial. 

Before discovering Timeular, Angela had tried doing it manually in her Google Calendar to no avail. Estimating time was hard.

It was a chance Instagram post that led Angela to Timeular, and after seeing positive reviews and learning about the Jira integration, she decided to try it out for herself (despite initial scepticism about the ease of building a time tracking habit).

When starting out, Angela set a goal committing herself to track for at least one week. To her delight she found that after a few days, tracking was second nature. 

Tip: emulate Angela’s approach by setting up a ‘Goal’ in the Timeular app to track for a week.

Angela’s husky Luna (also a Timeular fan, as Angela has more time for walks!)

Angela now has ‘time spent’ data at her fingertips to give herself awareness of where her week goes – for example, how much time is spent on OKRs or on each client – and allows her to make changes for the week ahead. 

Timeular has allowed me to say ‘no’ to meetings (backed by data) and focus more on revenue-generating work”

Angela recommends other Timeular users allow themselves 15 minutes of self reflection weekly.

“My time spent on revenue-generating projects has increased by ~10% each week and time in meetings declined by about 1-2 meeting per week”

As well as visibility of where her time goes, Angela finds the Tracker to be a great reminder to help her to focus and is now recommending Timeular to colleagues. 

Need help spending more time in the right areas?

You too can discover where your time goes and improve how it’s spent in the future. Try Timeular’s time management app free today and get yourself a Tracker to supercharge tracking and focus-time.