Success story

How a SVP of Business Ops uses data to prioritize her time

Angela Morisette is SVP of Business Operations for the in-demand start up, Scratch Financial, which is a care-now, pay-later provider.

The challenge: switching between projects and losing track

Angela’s role juggles multiple projects at one time and so she often finds herself switching between tasks and losing track of what she had worked on and when.

Before she started using Timeular, Angela was trying to manually create Google calendar entries, which took up a lot of time and resulted in missing entries and inaccurate data. This left Angela in a position where it was hard to know how long tasks took and so making accurate future estimations was impossible.

The solution: easy and efficient time tracking

Despite her initial skepticism of the ease of building a time tracking habit, Angela was drawn to Timeular because of the Jira integration, which she knew would work well with her setup.

Giving herself the goal of tracking for at least one week, Angela was delighted to realise after a few days that the ease of use of Timeular meant that building a time tracking habit was much easier than she anticipated.

Tip: emulate Angela’s approach by setting up a budget in the Timeular app to track for a week.

Timeular provides Angela with the data she needs to build an awareness of where the hours in her working week go. She is able to quickly see how much time is spent on OKRs or on each client and, based on this information, she is able to make adjustments for the week ahead.

The outcome: focusing on revenue-generating work

Angela explains that Timeular’s data has supported her decision to say no to more meetings, which has allowed her to focus more on revenue-generating work.

As well as visibility of where her time goes, Angela finds the Tracker to be a great physical reminder to help her to focus and is now recommending Timeular to colleagues.

Start tracking with ease

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