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How does Timeular help a design agency?

Time tracking can help agency teams juggle tasks and manage clients more effectively.

Working at a design agency can be stressful. Managing multiple clients and tasks means it easy for staff to lose sight of how time is being spent. In a competitive landscape, fine margins can define an agency’s success.

O’Brien Media is an award-winning website design agency in the UK. They have transformed their operations and increased employee productivity by making a simple change to their working processes: introducing time tracking.

Juggling different workloads

Getting accurate time data was always a challenge for the agency. Staff found manual time entry distracting and cumbersome, resulting in inaccurate reporting records.

“Given our philosophy of being flexible and responsive, it’s important to have the ability to review our workload and ensure that time is spent in the right places.”

The agency discovered Timeular while conducting a search for an all-in-one solution to optimize their time management processes.

Timeular for Teams allows agency staff to track time together in Shared Spaces and submit timesheets easily.

The analytics builds accountability of staff time and transparency when reporting to clients. The time data also makes it easier to bill accurately and generate time reports. Forecasting timelines for new projects is much improved too.

Timeular has entirely replaced the timesheets that most of us used to use. Every other time tracking solution we have tried proved to be unwieldy compared to pen and paper. After a week of Timeular, everybody became an instant convert!”

Track time to make sure it’s spent right

Unlike some other design agencies, O’Brien Media operates on a highly flexible schedule. Timeular has helped staff monitor the breakdown of their day.

“Timeular is a godsend for people like me who get easily distracted. No longer will I look back at my day and say “what was I doing between 10 am and 1 pm?”

Project managers make decisions backed up by data, allocating resource where it’s needed most. As a result, staff have more support and an improved work-life balance.

Ready to unlock your time?

Whatever the size of agency, Timeular time tracking app offers a range of packages that can help individuals and teams improve the management of their time. Over 70,000 users around the world are unlocking time with Timeular’s seamless solution. View pricing

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