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How to use Timeular as a lawyer

Michael Lanzinger works as an attorney-at-law in his own legal practice in Wels, Austria. His role leading the firm requires him to juggle the management of multiple cases and clients, across different locations. This presented challenges with understanding exactly where his time was being spent and led to discovery of Timeular.

“I wanted to see how much of my time was actual billable hours and how many hours a day I was spending doing private activities like checking my personal emails.”

Planning is not for every day …

Michael starts his day at 6:30am, turning on his coffee-machine in the office #firstthingsfirst. From that moment on, he starts tracking his various activities, using the analytics dashboard in the Timeular app to see exactly where every minute of his working day is spent.

He tracks projects (e.g. LegalTech), cases and also private activities (mainly for the breaks) using his Tracker to increase his time efficiencies. When he is not in court, much of his time is taken up by client meetings, researching cases and completing project documents. Each week, he also tries to find the time to write a blog on the website of his legal practice. Using Timeular helps him see where his time sinks are and find the space to tackle reactive work too.

“Planning is not a good thing to do every day since as a criminal lawyer cases and clients are likely to ‘pop up’ unforeseen. I try to leave the office at around 6:00 pm but most days I stay longer due to my workload.”

… billing is 

Keeping track of his time also helps Michael to assign certain activities and their duration better to individual cases. The reporting functionality of the Timeular app means he can provide more accurate billing for his clients, increasing transparency and developing trust. Having a visual reminder that the Timeular Tracker provides also means he rarely forgets to track a minute of his time.

Michael’s tip: buy a Timeular Tracker


And for the German speakers, Michael also wrote about Timeular on his blog.

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About the authorMichael Lanzinger
Michael Lanzinger is an attorney at law in Austria and has his own law firm, Kanzlei Michael Lanzinger. It is a disruptive law firm that is all about online law, cybercrime, criminal law and legal tech. He was one of the first 100 backers but started tracking his time with Timeular in his law firm in April 2019.