How does Timeular help Tobito get 4 hours of focused work a day?

Timeular software provides effortless time tracking to increase workplace productivity

Tobi Deckert works for two companies at the same time. As the CEO and product developer of ShredRack and tronature, he helps others to fulfil their ultimate adventures in travel and sports. Taking care of both companies brings with it many responsibilities and an ever growing to-do list.

Tobi started looking for a time-tracking solution after becoming distracted by subtasks and struggling to stay focused. He was also interested in seeing much time he was spending on projects and how he could optimize how his time was being spent. That’s when he discovered Timeular.

Mornings with yoga, meditation … and Timeular

Tobi starts his day at 6am with a session of tabata, followed by yoga and a short meditation. “Throughout that procedure, my mind is completely focused.” After that he has a healthy shake for breakfast and starts writing down his daily plan.

His day is structured in 2 big tasks, one he has to do and one he wants to do. “This keeps me motivated working in my ‘zone’.”

“Discipline is most important. In order to push this I work with 20 minute ‘tomato timers’ and binaural frequencies (and classical music).”

As activities, he tracks the tasks within his companies and the ones he does for external partners too. This helps him seeing where every minute of his working day is spent and makes it easier when it comes to billing clients and planning new projects.

Now: 4 focused hours a day

Since using Timeular, Tobi now has 4 hours each day where he remains in the “zone” which wasn’t possible before. He also really likes the physical time tracking dice. “I forget to start or stop the timer less and pick the activities according to the people I work with”

Tobi’s tip: find your own personal morning routine

Over time, Tobi has noticed a marked improvement in his overall productivity levels and uses the analytics dashboard in the Timeular app to optimize his workflows. He can also provide more value to clients, with Timeular Pro giving him the option to download and share PDF reports of his time spent on different projects.

Tobi is now an advocate for time tracking and keen to inspire others to take control of their time.

“Try to find your (personal!) perfect morning routine (including nutrition and sport), learn to find your way how to structure yourself, there are many options and techniques, handwritten or digitally.”

Tobi also recommends looking at what others are doing to get some inspiration. “There are big speakers and mentors like Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins and Hal Elrod. Alternatively, you can speak with successful people in your environment, who have similar mindsets and see what has helped them.”

“It’s like a puzzle. First, you need to find the right pieces, then you need to try and see what happens and if they fit. It’s important to have the discipline or your own system to keep you accountable and to make it a habit/routine.”

Learn how to track your time and how Timeular can help you take control of your time and become more productive: