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How an NGO uses Timeular to maximize efficiency

How an NGO uses Timeular to maximize efficiency

Fidel Bums works at Art Meets Education, an NGO providing education for children through photography.

Challenge: juggling multiple projects and running out of time

Fidel works across multiple projects simultaneously and was struggling to see an overview of where his time was going. He needed to find a way to improve efficiency and unlock time for creative work in his role as Art Director.

He found that a lot of his time was spent in meetings and he was keen to identify how he could claim back more time to spread across projects and learn how to work more efficiently and with better focus.

Solution: developing a time tracking habit

At the start of each day, Fidel compiles a to-do list of tasks which he then rates according to priority. He remembers to track by keeping his Tracker in view and switches between activities by flipping the device. When he is on the go, he uses the Timeular mobile app.

Fidel assigns each side of the Tracker to each project or client and uses a hashtag to specify further details (e.g. “clientA” (side of the Tracker) and the hashtag #call (or #mail, #feedback-rework, #briefing etc).

Once Fidel finishes a project, he checks the overall time it has taken so that he can bill his clients accurately. This helps him build trust with his clients and also ensures that he is maximizing profitability.

The outcome: more accurate invoicing

Fidel has become more efficient in his work since he started using Timeular and the insights have helped him identify where there is progress to be made.

“I like to keep track of what I spend my time on, optimize it and see how I can be more efficient.”

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