How does Timeular help the Austrian Red Cross keep track of time?

Timeular is helping staff at the Austrian Red Cross spend more of their time where it's needed most.

With 50 district offices across 150 locations, the Austrian Red Cross is one of the country’s largest organizations. Understanding how employees time is spent presents a complex challenge for head office. Seeking an effortless solution to optimize operations led to their discovery and adoption of Timeular.

Increasing efficiency

Timeular for Teams has transformed the organization’s approach to time management and increased transparency. Staff are more productive and can submit timesheets easily without the need for manual entry.

Austrian Red Cross teams use Timeular’s Shared Spaces feature to track time together. The insights help Head Office make data-driven decisions when planning campaigns and managing resource.

The Timeular time tracking app has also helps improve performance evaluation and makes it easier to bill accurately.

“The precise time recording allows us to be more transparent with expenses and makes costs easier to understand. This strengthens trust.”

Unlocking time for important activities

Timeular has become an integral tool for the Austrian Red Cross. To-the-minute accurate timesheets are submitted automatically through the app. Time reports can be downloaded with one click, and time invoices are produced with ease.

By introducing time tracking staff now work smarter, not harder. Less time is wasted tackling administration tasks, unlocking more time for where it’s needed most – helping people in crisis, both in Austria and around the world.

Hundreds of organisations around the world are benefitting from introducing Timeular into their working practices.

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