Keeping ADHD in check: how engineering manager Jeremy uses Timeular to build healthy time management habits

Jeremy Cutler is an engineering manager at the fast-growing payments company Stripe. Heโ€™s also diagnosed with ADHD which presents specific challenges (and opportunities) when it comes to time management. Hereโ€™s how he uses Timeular, a time tracking software, to build healthy time management habits to keep himself in check.

Jeremyโ€™s journey with Timeular was prompted by feelings of disorganization and an inability to spend enough uninterrupted time on tasks. He started using Timeular to see where his time was spent in the hope of better organizing it in the future and keeping himself accountable.

Using his Tracker to track Technical Work, People Management, Planning and Reading/Learning, Jeremy extracted his data using the Timeular API into a separate database to run some advanced queries to explore how his time is spent over long periods of time.

As well as the insight of the data itself, measuring his time with the Timeular Tracker has its own benefits for Jeremy. He finds that it helps gamify the process of time tracking (one of the best tips to overcome ADHD procrastination), giving him a much-needed dopamine hit when turning it and moving to the next task. The desktop timer feature of the paired app helps him avoid hyperfocus (a challenge for people with ADHD).

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Managing executive dysfunction

As a result of his tracking and insights, Jeremy finds that Timeular helps him to manage executive dysfunction. Heโ€™s able to create discrete moments to check in with himself to make sure heโ€™s working on what matters for an appropriate amount of time (two separate challenges for people with ADHD). In addition, the data visualizations heโ€™s created allow him to make adjustments to his routine to help him work smarter – for example, adjusting the parts of the day he reserves for focused work vs meetings.

Overall, Timeular has helped Jeremy improve his productivity by allowing him to be more honest with himself about levels of effort of work that he self-assigns which, in turn, helps him delegate more effectively. Heโ€™s also able to keep more on track with work than heโ€™s normally able to by making sure heโ€™s working on the highest priority tasks at any given time.

Emulate Jeremy’s success

Jeremy uses the Timeular Pro app together with a physical Time tracking dice to help manage his time. And for those with ADHD faced with similar challenges, Jeremy recently shared some great advice on Twitter: