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How a consultancy increased profitability with Timeular

How a consultancy increased profitability with Timeular

Stefan Greunz is the managing partner and founder of Growth Ninjas, experts in customized growth for businesses. The team specializes in helping other companies expand in terms of sales and marketing automation and are one of the largest Hubspot implementation partners in Austria.

The challenge: replacing confusing Google Sheets

Before discovering Timeular, the team of six were using Google Sheets to track their time, but this quickly proved problematic and messy as managing multiple users working on the sheet at the same time caused confusion and inefficiency. The team consistently had a two to three week backlog of time that they needed to enter into Google Sheets and a lot of time was going unaccounted for, meaning that the company was not maximizing profitability.

Stefan knew that they needed a simpler and more scalable solution to track their time and charge clients fairly.

The solution: easily track all billable hours in just a few clicks

Growth Ninjas work on projects that are mostly time and material based contracts, so it’s really important for Stefan to know how many hours they spend on a client on a monthly basis. The team uses Timeular to track all of their billable hours as well as all internal time including sales, meetings and everything on an administrative  level.

Stefan exports the data from Timeular to provide their clients with an overview of the hours they spent working on their projects, which helps to build their confidence and better plan for future projects. The data also allows him to see which members of his team might have extra time to take on additional clients and what capacity they have to be able to do more sales work.

Their KPIs focus on the number of billable hours they capture and also how booked the team is. Being able to see what work the team is doing with clients in an efficient way is paramount to understanding these KPIs.

The result: increased transparency and profitability

Using Timeular has increased Growth Ninja’s profitability as the team now tracks every minute worked for each client. It’s now easy for the team to log when they pick up the phone to a client or write an email, and that time adds up. Timeular has helped the whole team understand where their time is going and this transparency has enabled them to make informed decisions about how to improve efficiency.

Start tracking with ease

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