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How a consulting firm uses Timeular to avoid employee burnout

How a consultancy uses Timeular to avoid employee burnout

Justus Fischer is a founding partner at Via Tomorrow Consulting, an ESG consultancy for (mainly) stock listed clients. Justus and his team work with clients who want to improve their ESG performance and/or adhere to existing laws in this domain.

Via Tomorrow helps them collect and report on ESG indicators and build convincing sustainability strategies so that investors can make informed decisions. The team comprises seven people and Justus is responsible for direct client contact and strategic vision over the team.

The challenge: abiding by the rules and keeping track of billable time without adding to the workload

In Germany, it is a legal obligation for employers to record the duration of time worked each day to ensure that employees do not exceed maximum ten working hours per day or 48 hours per week.

Justus needed to find a reliable, accessible and easy to use system that enabled the team to do this without adding to the workload. As they bill multiple clients on an hourly basis, the team also needed a solution that meant they could effortlessly keep on top of their billable hours.

The solution: using Timeular to quickly get all of the information they need in one place

The team at Via Tomorrow tracks billable and non-billable time on a daily basis. They use a combination of the Timeular software and the Tracker.

They assign each client to a folder in their workspace and also have a folder where they record all of their internal non-billable work. The team finds that using the different colors available in Timeular helps them easily customize their workspace and easily identify client projects.

The team uses hashtags to identify client projects for which there are different work packages. They find Timeular helps them easily discern between projects which is important as they have partly billable projects with clients and others which are partly non-billable as these are based on a flat fee. They use Timeular’s hashtags to quickly understand which one is which.

”Timeular makes it really easy to understand which clients we have worked more on and which ones require more of our time.”

The insights enable the team to see at a glance how much each team member is working over the week and over the month too. “This is really helpful with resource planning as it shows us who has capacity and who has upcoming time off.”

The result: maximizing profitability and efficiency

With the insights provided by Timeular, the Via Tomorrow team is able to analyze how much time they’ve spent working to date for each client. They are then able to use this information to analyze whether they need to adjust future pricing packages and if they can make changes to maximize their efficiency.

”It’s really helpful for us to be able to send the list of time entries per project to the client so that they can see where all of the time is going and which of their requests are taking up the most time.”

With everything they need in one place, Via Tomorrow can easily bill their time, see where all of their time is going, ensure they are working in accordance with German employment laws and provide a good work life balance by keeping track of their employee’s working hours to make sure they aren’t overworking.

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