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Track time together

Bring the simplicity and accuracy of Timeular to your team. Track and analyze your valuable work hours within shared spaces.

Shared spaces – get early access

We will soon invite first teams to beta test this feature. Leave your email if you want to get early access.

✅ Create and share unlimited spaces, activities, and tags
✅ Invite unlimited members simply via email
✅ Admin only access to analytics and administration
✅ Keep tracking private data safely in your private space
✅ Insightful charts visualizing time of your whole team
✅ Filter by person, activity, tag, text or space
✅ Export your common data as CSV/XLSX

Common Questions

When will this be available?
We’re going to beta test in December and depending how the test goes we will release the feature in Early 2020.

Will my manager be able to spy on me?
No. First, it’s still in your control what you track. Second, it will take 24 hours till your time entries will show up in the analytics, therefore she/he can’t watch you in real-time. Third, you will still have your private space to track things you want to track just for yourself.

If I have Pro already will I have access to this feature?

Does every member need Pro to be part of a space?

Will this be included in the mobile app as well?
Not initially, but we will work on adding it there in early 2020.