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Struggle to get work done at home?

Effortless time tracking to help you take control of your work and work-at-home time.

“…a great productivity tool for keeping you honest.”

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Timeular Tracker tracking phone call

The key to making work-life balance…work

Ever wonder where work-from-home time is spent? Timeular is a time tracking tool that shows you.

Capture your time by flipping the Tracker, understand where it goes with our apps and use the data to be more productive.

Here’s how it works

Hand writes on the Timeular Tracker to define the tasks

1. Define

Define what you want to track and customize your Tracker.

Switching the Timeular Tracker from one side to the other to start tracking

2. Track

Connected via Bluetooth, it automatically starts tracking the task that is facing up.

Detailed Timeular time tracking report in a donut chart

3. Discover

Use the accurate data to get valuable insights to improve how you spend your precious time.

Timeular customer webdeveloper chris

Customer story

I found that I’m spending nearly 11 hours just to get my 7 hours of billable in to ‘call it a day’.”

Read how web developer Chris discovered how to separate household and work duties at home.

Meet the Tracker

The Timeular Tracker is an 8-sided dice that sits on your desk. Assign an activity to each side and flip to start tracking your time.

Our desktop or mobile apps tell you where every minute of your day is spent.

Helping you get time-organized

Bill more

Capture to-the-minute accurate timesheets and maximize billable hours.

Feel accomplished

Make data-driven changes to your routine to hit your goals.

Be more productive

Identify your natural rhythm working at home and maximize potential.

Find productivity

Timeular App Analytics

Simple tracking, powerful analytics

Use the tracked data to help:

  • See where your time really goes
  • Quantify how much time distractions cost
  • Take control of your time

Track time together as a team

Easily track, analyze and action your team’s time data with Shared Spaces. Track common activities, see where your team’s time is spent and wave goodbye to timesheet apathy with our fun solution.

Fun, even without the Tracker

Meetings tracked within the Timeular App

Track on-the-go from anywhere

Easily track when away from your desk with our app’s one-click timers.

Drag and drop your time entries

Drag and drop time entries

We all forget to start or stop tracking. Simply add or edit time entries, just like you would with your calendar app.

Tag to bill unlimited clients

Unlimited tags for an unlimited you

Use in-built tags to assign entries to @clients, #billable or just about anything you like and view sophisticated reports by tag. #win

50,958 purchasing customers can’t be wrong

Plus hundreds of independent reviews

It’s incredibly easy for me to keep track of my time every day down to the minute. I can also quickly pull a report to show how much time I’ve spent with a specific client or on a specific task.
Ashlee B.
Founder and CEO, Management Consulting

I work on projects on an hourly base, this tool has more than paid for itself. All of those 10 min calls are now captured (before they were lost time). Away from the device, no problem, I have the app on my phone and when I get back to the office it is all nicely synced.
Earl L.
Senior Software Engineer
Timeular has revolutionized my time-tracking efforts. Time entry has gone from being the most dreaded and unpleasant part of my job, to something I no longer think about. It’s been amazing.
Davis D. M
Managing Associate at Law firm

Take control of your time

Many more benefits

Apps for MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS

Highest data security standards

In-app customer support

High quality device manufactured in Germany

Latest Bluetooth Technology for reliable tracking

USB-C rechargeable battery

Real-time synchronization across devices

Customizable date and time formats

Easy editing and deleting of time entries

Continuous software updates & improvements

Proxy support

Public API