What's the difference between the free version and the PRO version and how much is the PRO version?

The free version of our app includes everything you need to track and analyze your time (CSV export, basic reporting, access to the OpenAPI and all the updates).

The most important aspect of the PRO version is the integrations. After the first 4 months of free trial, you have the option to continue using the PRO version for €3 per month.

What is ZEI° and how does it work?

ZEI° is an 8-sided device that connects via Bluetooth to your computer or phone. Through our software, you can assign up to 8 projects or tasks to the different sides of the device. Just place ZEI° so that the corresponding project is facing up and the software will automatically start tracking the time. If you change tasks, simply flip the device to the respective side. The software automatically fills in your timesheet in real-time and will provide customizable, exportable reports.

You can customize the device by writing, sticking or drawing something on it. ZEIº is built to integrate into current time tracking solutions and can act as an add-on, or you can use it as a stand-alone solution.

How is ZEI° better than software-only time tracking solutions?

There are several great time tracking solutions on the market. However, most of them have several limitations that ZEI° provides solutions to:

1.) ZEI° captures accurate real-time data (not just estimates)
Most time tracking solutions are cumbersome to handle which is why most people don’t track their time in real-time but rather fill in their time sheet at the end of the day or week. Since it’s difficult to remember exactly how long you worked on which project or task, your timesheet will often be based on inaccurate estimates. Using estimates to bill your clients, create budgets or forecasts or decide on critical resource allocation, can lead to lost money, suboptimal decisions and inefficiencies. ZEI° enables you to capture your data in real-time – accurately and effortlessly.

2.) ZEI° doesn’t interrupt your workflow and increases your productivity
In order to get the most accurate data, time tracking should be done in real-time (vs. estimating at the end of the day or week). However, doing it in real-time requires taking the time in between tasks to write down the entries. Depending on the time tracking solution you use, this takes enough time to interrupt your flow and significantly decrease your concentration and productivity. With ZEI°, you can control time tracking within seconds and can add entries instantly without losing focus.

3.) ZEI° saves you time and money
We found that people spend on average 6 minutes per day on time tracking with their current solutions. Your time is valuable (both personally and financially) – you should not waste it on time tracking. With ZEI°, tracking your time only takes seconds and thus saves you valuable time and money every day.

How will ZEI° help me to save money?

ZEI° will help you save money in two ways:

1.) You will save up to 90% of the time that you usually spend on time tracking. Imagine for example you usually spend 6 minutes per day with time tracking and your hourly rate is $100, then you/ your employer are losing $2500 per year through time tracking ($100 / 60 mins x 6mins x 250 days). With ZEI° you could save 90% of this time and money ($2250).

2.) Tracking your time in real-time means more accurate and meaningful data. Using accurate data (vs. estimates) can uncover significant saving potentials when it comes to billing correctly, creating accurate budgets and forecasts and deciding on most efficient resource allocation

In which languages is the software available?

At the moment, the software is only available in English.

For which operating systems is the software available?

Our Software is available for iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows.

For Mac users, please note that we only support Macs that are equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BT LE). In general, Macs that were produced in 2012 or later are equipped with BT LE. For more information on how to find out if your Mac has BT LE, please refer to this article.

Where can I find more information on your Public API?

You can find our Public API and full documentation here.
Please reach out to us via [email protected] if you have any questions.

Which integrations are currently available?

Currently, we offer the following integrations: Toggl, JIRA and iCal.
But many more are soon to come. To see what we’re currently working on and to vote on new features and integrations, please check out our Public Roadmap. Thanks!

Where will my data be stored?

The data is stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers. If requested, our solutions can also be installed on your local servers. Please get in touch with our team via [email protected] to discuss different options.

How often do I have to change the battery?

The coin cell battery lasts around 1 to 1.5 years then you can easily replace it on your own.

What if I forgot to turn my ZEIº on or off?

You can edit your time entries and add new ones or delete one inside our software.

What if I forgot to turn my ZEIº to the corresponding side?

You can edit your time entries and add new ones or delete them inside our software.

How do I pause tracking?

Either you use the base for ZEIº or assign a pause activity to one side of the device. When you place ZEIº into the base it will automatically stop tracking and go to sleep.

How do I stop tracking?

Either by using the stop button inside the apps or by turning your ZEIº off.

Can I use one ZEIº at home and one in the office with different activities assigned to it?

Yes, you can. The important thing though is, that you use only one ZEIº at a time.

Can I use more than one ZEIº with my computer at the same time?

No, you can only use one ZEIº at a time.

Can I use ZEIº with my smartwatch?

Not right now.

Can I use ZEIº without internet connection?

No, in order to enable real-time sync across your devices, a working internet connection is required for the software in order to work.

Do I always need to take the device with me when I’m out of the office?

You can also just use the apps.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 x 20 x 10 cm