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All free app features, plus:

  • Collaborate with team time tracking
  • Advanced charts and trends analysis
  • Export your data for personal use
  • Integrations to automate workflows
  • Priority support to troubleshoot any issues

  • Ideal for basic solo time tracking
  • Mobile and desktop apps
  • Time tracking with Tracker & manually
  • Tracking reminders & notifications
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Upgrade to Pro plan anytime

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Over 50,000 customers can’t be wrong

It’s incredibly easy for me to keep track of my time down to the minute.
Ashlee B.Founder & CEO
Timeular has revolutionized my time-tracking efforts.
Davis D. MManaging Associate at Law firm
I work on projects on an hourly base, this tool has more than paid for itself.
Earl L.Senior Software Engineer

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Compare Basic and Pro app versions

Multi-device supportTrack across multiple devices. Apps available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
Unlimited time tracking entriesTrack to your heart’s content with unlimited time entries in the app to suit the busiest of schedules.
Real-time syncing of entry across devices
Start tracking on one device and stop with the other. Designed for people not glued to their desks.
Tracking reminders and notifications
Never forget to start (and stop) tracking with our smart app notifications. Alerts respond to your average activity cycle to gently remind you when it might be time to take a break.
One-click start and stop timers
For those moments when you forget the Tracker or walk away from your desk. Start and stop manually with one click or tap.
Edit time entries
Time travel retrospectively edit entries if a mistake was made or miscategorized.
Add notes to entries
Bring activities and time entries to life by adding notes. For those of us that struggle to remember exactly what that meeting was about.
Categorize entries with tags
Use in-built tags to assign entries to @clients, #billable or just about anything you like.
Basic reports with charts
Visualize where your time goes with built-in charts. Drill-down by activity and/or tag (eg @client and/or #billable).
API access
Write scripts to connect your time entries with any third party application you need them in.
Future app updates
Access to all future feature updates for your respective Timeular app version.
Team time tracking
Create and contribute to Shared Spaces. Invite team members, track and query team time data.
Advanced reporting and trends
See where your biggest time sinks are and take action to make changes. Trend your data and see how the changes are making an impact.
Export your data
Someone requesting a timesheet on a spreadsheet? No problem. Download timesheets to CSV, PDF or Microsoft Excel format in a couple of clicks.
Sync entries with third party integrated apps
Use Timeular with popular third party apps. Off-the-shelf integrations currently with Jira, Harvest, Toggl, Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar.
Personal weekly email trends
A weekly digest of your tracked activity and how it’s changed since the week prior. A convenient snapshot of how you’re getting on.
Priority support
We’ve got your back with our European and North American-located support team. Expect a response from a team that’ll go above and beyond.