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Timeular Software

Mobile & Desktop apps
Time tracking with tracker & manually
Tracking reminders & notifications
Analytics dashboard
Advanced Analytics
Personal Weekly Time Report
Data export as CSV and Excel
Priority support

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Advanced Analytics

Observe trends in how you spend your time, comparing weeks or months with each other and gaining additional insights.

Data export as CSV and Excel

Filter your data for time periods, activities or tags and export it as CSV or Excel file with two click.

Weekly Time Report

Receive a weekly report via email  giving you detailed insights into how you spent your time.


Currently, we offer the following integrations: Toggl, JIRA, Harvest, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and iCal.

Why over 40,000 users love Timeular

It’s incredibly easy for me to keep track of my time every day down to the minute. I can also quickly pull a report to show how much time I’ve spent with a specific client or on a specific task.“
Ashlee B.
Founder and CEO, Management Consulting
I love that I’m able to see how much time I spend on tasks that aren’t directly impacting my goals. I can then eliminate them.“
Brian S.
Founder, Higher Education
My time management has improved a lot since I started using it. My mind was more free to tackle the important tasks and the time to manage my time was reduced by half.“
Felipe A.
Industrial Designer

Common questions

Can I upgrade and downgrade between the Basic Plan and Pro Plan?

Yes, you can easily downgrade from the Pro to the Basic Plan before the renewal date at the end of the prepaid period (6 months for the Monthly Pro Plan and 12 months for the Yearly Pro Plan). If you decide to cancel, we will downgrade your account to the limited Basic version. None of your data will be lost when you downgrade your account.

You can also upgrade from the Basic Plan to the Pro Plan at any time. You will then start paying the monthly subscription fee to use the Pro features.

What is the difference between Monthly, Yearly and Lifetime Pro?

For the yearly Pro plan, you pay for the first 12 months upfront and the subscription will then renew on a yearly basis. By paying yearly, you will save 22% of the software costs per year.

For the monthly Pro plan, you will get charged for the first six months upfront. Afterwards, the subscription will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis until you cancel it.

When you purchase the Lifetime Pro, there are no recurring payments. After the first payment, you have lifetime access to our Pro software. ?

Can I try the software before buying?

Yes! You can download our free software here. From within the app, you can start your free Pro Trial or you can upgrade to the Pro version by following this link.

Which integrations can I use with the Pro Plan?

Currently, we offer the following integrations: Toggl, JIRA, Harvest, iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook calendar. To see what we’re currently working on and to vote on new features and integrations, please check out our Public Roadmap.

Where will my data be stored?

Your data will be processed and stored in a DIN ISO/IEC 27001 and PCI DSS 3.2-certified data center. The DIN ISO/IEC 27001 is an internationally acknowledged IT-security norm.

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