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Make your time count.

We believe that today we are all wasting too much precious time and technology can help us to change that. We spend our time very consciously, therefore we like to keep things simple, avoid talking around the bush, stay focused and sometimes we even say no. These simple things allow us to focus on the one thing that we love the most – designing and building useful products with the users in mind.


Our story

We like to keep things short and simple and save your time, so here is a condensed version of our story:

We felt the pain of time tracking and created the first tangible time tracking solution. Started bootstrapping as a team in June 2015. April 2016: Went to Enchant.VC hardware accelerator in Singapore. Launched closed paid Beta-Program in June 2016 with 100 people in 15 countries. Launched on Kickstarter in September 2016: >3,000 backers, €314,000, 70 countries.

Closed investment with Pioneers Ventures and Ruvento in September 2016. End 2016, we became Startup of the year in Austria and won the DBT Award and HR Award. In 2017, we became Newcomer of the Year at the Central European Startup Awards. In June 2017, we closed a €1,000,000 investment round by the VC Speedinvest and Business Angels.

We are producing Tracker in Germany and currently have over 20,000 customers in 80 countries. Since 2018, the US market is our strongest market.

But we don’t stop here. Besides helping users to track their time, we help them understand and improve how they are spending their time at work. A lot more exciting things to come in the future! ♥︎


The fact that we’re here today, is not just because of us but it’s as well because of the time, knowledge and support that many people around the globe donated to us. Therefore, we want to take this chance and thank everyone who has been involved for their time and look forward to continuing this journey together.