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The Calendar tab

This article will help you get to know the main view of the Timeular application. This view is called the Calendar tab and will help you track your time and get a good overview of how you’ve spent your time during the week.


The Calendar tab consists of the following three areas:

  1. The activity list shows all of your created or imported activities. Clicking on the play button beside an activity will start tracking a time entry for this activity.
  2. The calendar view shows all the time entries that you’ve recorded this week, as well as the current tracking time entry.
  3. The edit pop-up appears after clicking on a time entry. Here, all the details of a time entry can be edited.

Zooming in and out

By default, the zoom level is set so you get a good overview of your workday and week. To get a more detailed and accurate insight of a particular timeframe, you can zoom in by simply clicking the “+” button in the bottom right corner. Similarly clicking on the “-” button will zoom out further and thus give you an even better overview.

Grouping of smaller time entries

Depending on the zoom level, short time entries will be grouped together. If the time entries are of the same activity, the group will have the color of this activity. If they are from different activities, the group will be grey.
Hovering your mouse pointer over a group will display a pop-up with detailed information. Clicking on a time entry inside the group will zoom so the time entry is fully visible.