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Getting started

Below are some instructions and resources to get yourself and your team up and running with Timeular.

Set up the shared space

We have a 16 minute video available that runs through how to utilize Shared Spaces which is available here:

Make sure you’re using the latest version of our desktop app (which is available here) and then click on the “+ Add new space” (#1 in the screenshot below) button that appears at the bottom of the Activities column in the Calendar tab.

When you’re adding a space you’ll need to select an icon to represent the space (#1), give the shared space a name (#2) If you’d like to use an emoji in the space name click the smiley face to add one (green arrow), and then click on the Create button (#3) to create your new shared space.

Once you’ve created your shared space you can invite people to join. In shared spaces there are two types of users: Admin and Member. You are automatically an Admin if you are the creator of the shared space.
Admins can do things like create activities within the shared space, define the tags that can be used within the shared space, and edit and delete Activities and Tags. Admins can also up/downgrade users to Admin or Member status after the invitee has accepted and joined the space, in addition to removing people from a space.
Members are able to track time entries using the Activities that the Admin(s) have created as well as use space-specific tags that the Admins have setup (if any) but not edit or delete them.
To invite a user click on the Members tab and then enter their email address (#1), select Admin or Member from the dropdown menu (#2) , and then click on the Invite (#3) button. The invitee will appear in the members list as (pending) until they have accepted the invitation (they will receive an email notification).

Once you have your Admin(s) and Member(s) invited you can begin to define the tags that will be used in this shared space. These tags are space-aware so any Space Tags that are added here will only be applicable to the activities within this space.
To add a tag to your shared space enter the tag name, including either # or @ (#1), and click the Add button (#2). The tag will appear in a list (in alphabetical order) once it has been added successfully. If you need to edit or delete a tag you can click the pencil icon beside the tag (#3) and either make your changes and save by clicking the check mark icon, or delete the tag by clicking the trash can icon.

Now we can add activities to the shared space. To do so, click on the “+ Add activity” (#1) button below the space name. Give your activity a name (#2), select a colour (#3) and click the “Create” (#4) button to create the activity. Repeat this process as many times as necessary until you have created all of the desired activities within the shared space.
If you have a Personal Pro or Team subscription you can make use of Billable Time and mark an activity as billable by default and set an hourly rate for this activity.


Your new shared space is now setup! If you click on the Calendar tab you can now begin tracking your shared space activities and add space-specific tags within the notes as well!