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Removing or leaving

What happens if you remove a member or a Shared Space or leave a Shared Space you’re a member of?

If you are an Admin of a shared space you have the ability to remove other Admins or Members from your shared space. To do so, click on the edit icon (pencil) that appears when you hover over the space name in the Calendar or in the Tracker tab. Under the Members section click on the Admin/Member badge to the right of the member you would like to remove from the shared space and then click on Remove:

When someone is removed from a shared space, any time entry data they created in that space is archived and will still be available via the “Insights” view. They will receive an email notification that they have been removed from the shared space.
The time entry data they created while they were a Member of the shared space will still be visible to the Admins of the shared space, however, the person who was removed will be anonymized as Former Member #.

Leaving a shared space

Leaving a space will produce the same results. To leave a space as a Member, click on the space name and click the Leave Space button. If you are an Admin of a shared space you will need to downgrade yourself to a Member by clicking the Admin badge and selecting ‘Member’.
After leaving a shared space, the same time entry data archiving scenario as above will occur. An email will be sent to the Admin(s) of the shared space notifying them that you have left.
If you have any questions or encounter any issues please reach out to us at support@timeular.com