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To determine if you have a rechargeable Tracker or not, please consult this article.
If the LED on your Tracker is blinking red, this indicates a low battery. If you have Battery Status Notifications enabled, you’ll also receive a notification when your Tracker’s battery is low. This can also be seen at the bottom of the activities list in the Timeular app.

Removing the rubber pieces

You can remove the black rubber piece from the Tracker with your fingers. There is a hole cut out of this piece that aligns with the LED inside the Tracker. Please make a note of the positioning and ensure that the hole is aligned with the Tracker’s LED when replacing the black rubber piece later on.
Once the black rubber piece has been removed, you’ll have access to the USB C port (circled in the photo below), which is where you can plug one end of a USB C cable into the Tracker. The other end of the cable can be plugged in to a charger or your computer to recharge the Tracker.

Plugging in the USB cable

Once you have the cable plugged in to the Tracker as well as your computer or charger you should see the LED pulsing green (as seen below) which indicates the the Tracker is charging. When the Tracker is fully charged the LED will display a solid green light.
While the Tracker is charging this information will also be displayed at the bottom of the activities list in the Timeular app (the text is no longer red and there is a battery charging icon).
When the Tracker is fully charged you can unplug the USB C cable and replace the black rubber piece (ensuring the cut out aligns with the LED). That’s all there is to it, you’re ready to get back to tracking!