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On/Off switch

This article explains how to turn your Tracker on and off using the black button on your Tracker.
Note: Since our latest firmware update, your Tracker will always be on. You will only need to actively turn off your Tracker if you want to transport it.

How to turn on your Tracker

  1. Simply press the black button on your Tracker once (close to the LED light).
  2. The light will start blinking blue, indicating that the Tracker is looking for a Bluetooth connection.
  3. A green light will appear once the Tracker is connected to our apps.

How to turn off your Tracker

  1. Press the black button on the Tracker close to the LED light.
  2. Hold it for about 3 seconds.
  3. A green light will appear. When you see this release the button, and the light will slowly fade away, indicating that the Tracker is shutting down.

Frequently asked questions

What if the blue or green light doesn’t appear when I press the button?
Your Tracker might already be on, or it is connected to another device. Please make sure the Tracker has not connected already to your smartphone or computer. In case that doesn’t help try to pull out the battery and then put back in again.

What if the LED shows a red light?
If you see red light blinking, the battery of your Tracker is low. Read here to find out more about the blinking patterns of the Tracker and here to learn how to change the battery.