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Learn how to integrate Timeular with Jira.


Note: Adding a JIRA integration to your Timeular account requires two main steps:

  1. Updating your JIRA account directly and;
  2. Updating your Timeular account from https://app.timeular.com or via the Timeular app in Settings > Integrations

(You may encounter this message after clicking the “Create new link” button. Click “Continue” if it appears)

In this form, please only enter the application name (Timeular), make sure to check “Create incoming link”, and hit “Continue”. (Just those two fields are required here.)

Copy and paste your consumer and public key displayed on the Jira integration page on https://app.timeular.com here and enter a Consumer Name of your choosing, which Atlassian describes as “A short name for the consumer site, to help users identify the consumer when granting it access to data.” and click “Confirm”.

Head back to https://app.timeular.com or the Timeular app via Settings > Integrations to finish setting up the integration.
Enter your JIRA URL (e.g. https://YOURAWESOMECOMPANY.atlassian.net/) and click “Test Authentication” to ensure your integration is available to add. (You will not be able to move on to the next step unless this test passes.)

When your authentication test passes, click “Authorize” at the bottom of the page. You will be redirected to JIRA to confirm your authorization for Timeular to access your projects. Click “Allow” to be redirected back to Timeular.
On the next page, please select which projects you would like to import to Timeular. These projects will be available as “activities” in the Timeular desktop and mobile apps. (Note: You will be able to import more projects once your integration is complete if you change your mind at a later time.)
The following step is optional. If you don’t configure webhooks, changes that you make to the worklog inside JIRA will NOT be synced back to Timeular.
As a final step, you may configure four webhooks for the following events by navigating to the Settings > System > WebHooks area of your JIRA instance:

  • Worklog created
  • Worklog deleted
  • Project created
  • Project deleted

You’re all set now. For more information on how to use the JIRA integration inside the Timeular App, please head over to https://support.timeular.com/integrations/jira