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Insights overview

In this article, I’ll bring you up to speed with the various analytics available on the Insights tab. The analytics in Timeular help you to:

  • Discover where your time goes and get insights into what you spend it on
  • Spot trends in how you spend your time and compare key metrics to time frames in the past
  • Explore how what you spend your time on changes over time and detect patterns
  • Apply filters to only look at specific activities, tags/mentions, and days
  • Have a detailed look at every time entry and make adjustments quickly
  • Export your data to process further or send it to others

Watch the video below to learn how to analyze your time tracking data.

The filter bar

The filter bar lets you specify the exact data you want displayed on the Insights tab.The first thing you might want to specify is the time frame. This can be done with the calendar picker in the top left of the Insights tab.

To narrow down the data even further, you can make use of the dropdown menus. These are to the right of the calendar picker.

To filter for specific Spaces, People, Activities, and/or Tags simply select the ones you would like to filter from the dropdown menus to the right of the calendar picker
After you’ve applied one or multiple filters, you can remove them all at once by clicking “Clear All” button on the far right or individually check/un-check items from the dropdown menus.

The pie chart

The pie chart gives you a good summary of how you spent your time in the selected time frame. If you have a Personal Pro or Team subscription, you can also see your billable time here.

Hovering over a segment of the pie chart will highlight it and show you some additional information.

Clicking on a segment, or an activity in the list on the right hand side, will set a filter for this activity.

The trends chart

The “trends chart” helps you compare certain metrics from the time frame you’ve selected in the filter bar to a comparison time frame.

The comparison time frame can be selected with the calendar picker in the top row.

The time chart

The time chart lets you compare how you’ve spent your time between multiple days (or weeks/months, depending on which time frame you’ve selected).

The perspective switcher in the right upper corner lets you switch between hours and percentages %.
Clicking on an activity sets a filter for the given activity.

The top tags chart

The perspective switcher in the right upper corner lets you switch between hours and percentages %.
Clicking on a tag/mention sets a filter for the given tag/mention.

The people chart

If you are the admin of a Shared Space you’ll be able to view the data of other Timeular users you or another admin invited to a shared space. Please note that there is a 24 hour delay between when a shared space member tracks or creates a time entry and when that time entry becomes visible to shared space admins. You must be on a Team plan in order to invite other Timeular users to a Shared Space.
The perspective switcher in the right upper corner lets you switch between hours and percentages %.

The Timesheet

You can get a quick overview of the amount of time that you or your team has recorded in a daily/weekly/monthly summary.

Set the desired Timespan using the Timespan filter dropdown in the top left corner and then you can choose between viewing data for the day/week/month using the buttons near the top right-hand side of the Timesheet table.

Columns highlighted in blue indicate that there may be additional data that will be available at a later time for your team members as there is a 24 hour delay built into shared spaces.

The time entry list

The time entry list shows you every single time entry of the selected time frame.
Time entries can be sorted by ascending or descending order, based on their creation time.
Clicking on a time entry opens the time entry edit drawer so you can add notes or adjust it if necessary. Only time entries that belong to you can be edited.
We’ve added a toggle on the top right of the Summary so you can summarise time by Space and have an additional perspective to look at your time.

The group analytics now shows you a breakdown for all the people that actively share their data with you as a Space admin.