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Learn how to get started with Harvest and Timeular integration.


  • Tasks in Harvest are imported as activities in Timeular
  • When you stop tracking a task imported from Harvest in Timeular you will be able to see it in your Harvest Timesheet
  • Notes entered in the activity in Timeular will appear in the timesheet entry in Harvest
  • Starting a timesheet entry in Harvest will not begin tracking that activity in Timeular
  • Deleting Harvest activities in Timeular will not delete the tasks in Harvest
  • Creating or updating Harvest activities within Timeular will not work


Setup the Harvest integration at http://profile.timeular.com/ or via the Timeular app at Settings > Integrations
Click the ‘+’ button on the Harvest integration

Click on the Authorize Timeular button

This will redirect you to the authorization page where you would then click the Authorize App button

Once you’ve authorized the app you can select which of your Harvest tasks you’d like to import

Click the Next button and select the tasks you’d like to import:

You should now see your Harvest tasks as Activities in Timeular

Please note that you can always import additional tasks from Harvest at a later time by returning to the Integration page, clicking the Edit button on your Harvest integration and then clicking the “Import Additional Tasks” button.


Your new shared space is now setup! If you click on the Calendar tab, you can now begin tracking your shared space activities and add space-specific tags within the notes as well!