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Hardware functions

You may have asked yourself, what the different LED patterns mean? How does the base work? And does the button have different commands? Well, here we go.

LED signals

Below you can see an overview of the different LED patterns and what they mean:

Constant green LED, then fades away -> Tracker is connected

Constant green LED, then fades away -> Tracker is turning off while the button is pressed

Rapidly blinking blue LED -> Depleted battery, time to replace the battery or recharge

Slow, repeated blue LED blinking -> Searching for Bluetooth connection

Slow blue LED pulse -> Tracker is in the base and is entering sleep mode

Please note that if your Tracker’s LED is rapidly blinking blue (if you have the coin cell battery-powered Tracker) or repeatedly blinking red, these are both indications of a depleted battery that should be replaced or recharged depending on which Tracker you have.

Button commands

The button does nothing magic except On/Off and Reset which function as followed:

Hold for 1 second -> Turn on Tracker

Hold for 3 seconds -> Turn off Tracker

Hold for 8 seconds -> Reset Tracker

The only time you need to actively turn off your Tracker is when you are transporting it, otherwise you do not need to use the button.
If you want to check whether your Tracker is switched on or not you can push the black button. If your Tracker is connected it will blink once to show you it is switched on.

The base

The main reason why we developed the base is to make it as simple as possible to stop and restart tracking with your Tracker.
Just put your Tracker into the base to stop tracking (image 1). To start tracking again, place the Tracker back on your desk with the side facing up that you want to track (image 2).