What does working remotely mean in 2021?

For anyone who enjoys the flexibility of working remotely, 2021 is gearing up to be even bigger and better. Technological innovations mean it’s never been easier to stay connected with work colleagues and take control of your working from home time. Furthermore, an increased understanding of this ‘new normal’ means that individuals and organizations are better placed to survive and thrive.

A new world of work

How and where we work is changing for good. The percentage of workers around the world permanently working from home is expected to double this year. British financial technology group Revolut is the latest in a growing list of companies to announce its move to a permanent remote working model.

At Timeular, we’ve been working fully remote since our launch in 2017, with our team now spread across 10 countries. Remote working is in our DNA, shaping our approach to product innovation. Take our shared folders feature for instance, enabling teams to track time effortlessly from anywhere.

Growing numbers of remote workers are realizing the benefits that time tracking software brings, including increased efficiency and a better work-life balance. Liza Andersson has been using Timeular for the last 18 months in her role as Global Sales Operations Project Manager at Flir Systems. As developers of state of the art technology, an efficient operational model is essential to its success.

Like millions of others, Liza’s work routine abruptly changed last year when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. In a short period of time, her team transitioned from a busy office environment to tackling the question of what does working remotely mean.

Building a structure to succeed

Having a time management plan is crucial to making remote work a success. Liza’s time is structured around a to-do list comprised of projects ranked by priority. She records work-time with her remote team using a Timeular Tracker (the world’s first 8-sided time tracker dice). Timeular’s shared folders feature makes it easy to see how much time is being spent by staff on projects. In addition, the time tracking app gives to-the-minute data which is easy to access and share.

One of the challenges that originally led Flir Systems to adopt Timeular was employees struggling to unlock time to focus on core projects. Timeular’s employee time tracking features make it easy for Liza and her team to get a clearer understanding of work-loads. She can now direct resources to where it’s needed most.

Smarter decision making

Improved organizational transparency is the biggest benefit of time tracking that Liza cites when reflecting on her Timeular journey. Above all, introducing an all-in-one time management tools is her biggest recommendation for other companies adapting to remote working.

The simple practice of time tracking can transform working practices for individuals and organizations. It fosters workplace efficiencies and helps everyone reach their goals.

Remote working guide

If you’re looking for extra guidance to get the most out of remote working, we’ve developed a guide full of tips. From how to plan your day, to the best way to plan virtual meetings pass, the guide answers the question what does working remotely mean and how best can you ensure every minute of your time counts.

Ready to unlock your time?

Timeular offers a range of packages for individuals and teams who are remote working, making employee time tracking seamless. Over 70,000 users around the world are using the software to take control of their time. View pricing

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