How does Timeular help Jay, a UX designer?

As a user experience designer in the tech sector, Jay Wang’s work focuses on measuring and optimizing applications to create the best possible user experience.

UX design places him in ever changing settings, from conducting offsite in-person user tests, to deep work testing and refining software products. With a constant stream of deadlines and multiple clients to juggle, staying on top of his time is crucial. Fine margins can define the success or failure of a project. 

Jay’s time tracking journey began after a productivity article led him to Timeular’s YouTube channel. The videos sparked his interest about time management, convincing him of the value Timeular could bring to his work-life.

Making time his own

Describing himself as an ‘extreme user’ of Timeular, Jay’s time tracking habit extends to every aspect of his life. It helps him find balance between his UX design work, part-time web development studies and personal activities.

Jay uses a combination of the Timeular physical time tracker, alongside the Timeular app. The drag and drop interface is especially helpful for him in tracking and planning time. 

“I drag a bunch of entries for the upcoming day and then move ahead by setting the timer for each task I’ve planned. It helps to plan my weeks ahead.”

Developing motivation & accountability

Keen for others to experience the benefits of time tracking, Jay has introduced Timeular to several of his friends. They keep each other motivated by sharing screenshots of their schedules and placing bets on the hours they’ll work.

“If I plan to work 80 hours that week and I lose, then I have to buy a book worth $30 on Amazon for the other friend. This creates motivation and accountability on a fun note.”

Time tracking superpowers 

Timeular’s evolving range of product features has cemented Jay’s daily tracking habit. He uses the calendar view to compare activities across different days, plan projects and create time estimates for work. 

Having easy access to export his time reports develops transparency when dealing with clients and makes the billing process accurate and effortless. He’s also an advocate of Timeular’s new desktop shortcut QuickTrack. This feature makes it easy to track unlimited activities and add tags & notes with the least effort and interruption possible.

A match for life

Jay’s time tracking journey has had a transformational effect upon him and his approach to UX design work. While there are aspects of Timeular that he would like to see improved, like a dark mode feature and a larger selection of colours to choose from (feedback which we’ve passed onto our product team for consideration!), it is nonetheless a must-have tool that helps him increase efficiency and develop a better work-life balance

In these increasingly uncertain times, having the ability to take control of our time and find balance in our lives has never been important. Timeular’s all-in-one solution to track your time. It allows you to understand and improve your time management which means it’s easier than ever to reach your full potential.

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