How does Timeular help Claire, a freelancer generate more income?

One of the biggest challenges freelancers face is creating reliable and accurate quotes for work.

As a freelance editor and writer, Claire Read spends a lot of time sourcing new clients and quoting for jobs. These estimates were based on a sense of how a long task took, rather than anything backed up by data. Realizing that this was not a sustainable model for growth led her to search for a tool to help highlight the value of her time.

Making time tracking a habit

Claire discovered Timeular time tracking tool during our Kickstarter launch in 2016. The app has become an integral part of her daily routine, helping her understand where her time goes and which clients are costing her money.

Developing a time tracking habit has also helped Claire to improve the efficiency of her routine, backed up by data.

Like many freelancers, Claire doesn’t finish her working day until she has a plan of everything to be tackled the following one. The Timeular app lets her see how long tasks take, making project planning easier. The in-built tag feature in the app helps her analyze time at the end of a project.

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Increased turnover

“As a writer, I’m not great with numbers,” Claire laughs. With Timeular stats at her fingertips, she now has the confidence to quote higher fees for projects – safe in the knowledge that it’s backed up by data. Exporting a time report for clients at any point in a project is easy too, providing transparency and building trust.

Improved negotiating

“That my turnover has increased is not a coincidence,” she says. “If you’re anything like me, negotiating on money is not the best or easiest part of being a freelancer. In fact, it can be really nerve-wracking”.

As with other freelancers who have turned to Timeular, Claire has an effortless solution to improve her negotiating position when quoting for work. For a freelancer, it’s a match made in heaven.

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