Timeular 3.2 – introducing offline tracking 🛬

Let’s face it, internet connection problems happen and sometimes we’re working in places where we can’t rely on a secure data connection. But work still happens and time still needs to be tracked, which is why today we’re delighted to release Timeular 3.2 with support for offline tracking.


  • Continue to track time entries when offline
  • Entries are synced when you’re back online
  • Resolve any entries that conflict
  • Designed for when you’re working remotely or your internet drops

How does it work?

If you lose your data connection whilst tracking, our app will notify you that you’re now working offline. You’ll notice that any entry tracked prior to going offline will be locked and become editable when you’re online again.

When offline, you can carry on tracking time and the entries will be synced when your device is back online. Offline entries are easily identifiable until they’re synced.

If you happen to create overlapping time entries whilst offline, when the app syncs again you’ll be notified of the conflicts and invited to resolve them.

Hopefully your internet dropping isn’t such a regular occurrence that you need a ‘Fix internet’ activity on your Tracker, but if we’re going to get all meta about it then with today’s release you can now feasibly track it.

Demo – watch how offline tracking works

What else is new in Timeular 3.2?

Alongside from offline tracking, here’s what else to expect with the latest release:

Better weekly goals

In our first evolution of weekly goals you can now exclude certain activities from the weekly goal (for example Distractions or Coffee time), giving you a more accurate picture of your weekly time goals.

Tag improvements

We’ve made two changes to tags. Firstly we’ve made it quicker for you to find the right tag – instead of typing #/@ and a letter to bring up matching tags, now you just need to type #/@ and we’ll show you the list. We’ve also taken a small step to help you categorize your data better. Before, the “Create #newtag” action preceded the list of your tags. Now we’ve put the action at the end of the list, promoting nice, structured data.

Fill gaps on double-click

Mind the gap! When you have a gap in between time entries like this…

Now all you need to do is double click the space and you’ll be invited to create a time entry filling the time of the gap.


For the wordier activity names, we’ve extended the visible activity length so you can find the right one quicker.

Time entry longer activity names

Any questions?

For further guidance on getting the most out of the platform, head over to our Help Center for advice and answers from the Timeular team.

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