Timeular 3.0 – Shared Spaces 🀝

Timeular time tracking app has just launched Shared Spaces. Shared Spaces empowers you and your team to track time together in one place and take full advantage of the simplicity and accuracy of Timeular.

Especially now in challenging times like this, it’s even more important to know how we are spending our time. Either to focus on the important stuff or to find the right balance while working from home for the first time.

What can I use Shared Spaces for? πŸš€

Shared Spaces allows you to create a common data structure to track time together and create insightful reports for everyone.

Everyday tasks such as handing in timesheets, billing projects, checking a project’s profitability, improving future estimations and many more things will all become effortless and more accurate.

Shared Spaces is very smart indeed. I love the reporting I can do for my clients – without prompts.

Shared Spaces Beta Tester

How do Spaces work? πŸ€”

First of all, Spaces are shared with no-one by default. You can create as many Spaces as you want and invite unlimited people of your choice or keep them private.

When inviting someone, you can choose if they’re an admin and therefore have insights into everyone’s time tracking (with a 24h delay) or if they’re a member and only able to see their own data.

Within a space you can create a common data structure by adding activities and tags that everyone can track time on, e.g. you could create a Space for the whole company, assign all of your company’s projects as activities and set tags such as #billable and #non-billable.

In the analytics, admins will see the same insightful charts you’re used to using, but for the whole team. The charts can be customized through our simple-to-use filters. If the charts are not what you’re looking for, you can export the data to CSV/XLSX and create your own charts in e.g. Google Sheets or Excel.

Built with privacy in mind πŸ”

We started Timeular because we want to make time tracking for our users as simple and fun as possible. The users that matter to us the most are the people tracking time, hence privacy is important to us.

That’s why you’ll always have a Private Space to track your most sensitive things which no-one but you has access to.

That’s also why everyone’s time entries within Shared Spaces will only show up in the shared analytics after 24 hours, so no-one will be able to check-in on anyone else in real-time.

How to start using Spaces today πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸš€

To start using Spaces just update the app (in your Settings > App Settings or download it here) to the latest version.

Then go on creating your first Space and invite your colleagues by simply clicking on Add Space on the activity screen. It’s as simple as that.

Spaces is a Pro feature only, but you can start a 30-day Pro trial in the app right after clicking on Add Space.

If you need help here is a support article to map your workflows.

What’s coming next? 😎

Right now Shared Spaces works on the desktop apps and we’re gradually working on bringing it to the mobile apps too, which will keep us busy for a little while.

What we work on after that depends on your feedback, so please keep sending it and vote on timeular.com/roadmap. But first, make sure to share Timeular with your Team! πŸ™

Make your time fly – in a good way,
Team Timeular

P.S. We are working fully remote since 4 years now. If you have any question about that, reach out to us, we’re happy to help!

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