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Creating and editing time entries just got a whole lot faster 🏎

Hi there 👋

Sounds like a cliché, but at Timeular we’re working hard on making sure that there’s a good balance between releasing new features and improving existing ones ⚖️

Creating and editing time entries are the actions that Timeular users perform most often.

That’s why we wanted to make it into a quick and delightful experience ✨ and incorporate some feedback that we’ve received over the time (shoutout to all of you who left us a comment!).

Plus, our team was never really satisfied with the old edit drawer 🗄️


It used to take a lot of time to create and/or edit a time entry, because you needed to move to the other side of the app to do so. So definitely not ideal if you don’t want to lose your focus, or you want to quickly move between time entries 🤪.

before the update 😢

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after the update 🤩

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This is also because many actions could not be performed via keyboard (e.g. searching in activity list), which again, huge drawback, it makes things slower and less accessible.

The old way of creating/editing time entries also used a lot of screen real estate, despite the fact that there isn’t a lot of information being displayed.

How we went about rethinking the edit drawer ⚙️

The 3 things that mattered the most to us were:

1️⃣ proximity: all the “follow up” actions should take place near the initial action 👩‍💻

2️⃣ keyboard control: the new pop up is completely controllable via keyboard ⌨️

3️⃣ keeping the natural flow when editing a time entry: Left ➡️ right. Top ➡️ bottom

Nerdy stats that make us really happy 🤓

  • Time to start editing a TE (time entry, click from Calendar center to center of Editor): 109% faster
  • Time to create a TE not using shortcut from a click in the center of the Calendar to the center of the submit button: 58% faster
  • Time to delete a TE not using shortcut: 21% faster
  • Time to change a TE’s activity when choosing the first activity in the activity list: 222% faster
  • Time to add a note to a TE: 40% faster
  • Time to increase a TE’s duration: 133% faster

Final thoughts 🤔

Even though the time savings on individual actions are not huge, it adds up because these actions are performed very often by our users

But wait: We’re not done yet 🤯

The current version is a major step up but we still have some great things to come. We hope that you’ll join us for the ride. Or stay if you’ve been here a while 😎.

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