Say hi to Timeular 2.0

Timeular 2.0

Our mission at Timeular is to enable you to spend more time on what really matters. Accurate time tracking and a great overview of your time spending is a crucial first step in that direction, which is finally available with Timeular 2.0 ?

To improve how we spend our time towards our goals, we strongly believe in the Track-Understand-Improve cycle.

  • Track your time and get objective data on how you spend it.
  • Understand where your time goes and discover timesinks.
  • Improve: Find ways to improve based on your possibilities and measure your progress.

This update marks a big milestone along our journey and after months of designing, discussing, development and testing we could not be prouder to finally get your hands onto it.

Don’t you know what time tracking is? Then, our guide is what you need!

So what is new in Timeular 2.0?

Besides a ton of improvements and fixes under the hood, the interface of Timeular has fundamentally changed. Curious? Let’s dive right in. Here are the top 4 changes in Timeular 2.0.

TLDR;  ? See the walkthrough here

  • The weekly view is the all new calendar-like appearance of Timeular.
  • It shows you a whole week of time tracking at a glance and gives you a great overview over how you spend your time.
  • Zooming allows you to adjust the level of detail you want to get on your data from birds-eye view to being every minute of your time.
  • Creating and editing time entries has become very fast and seamless.
  • Starting/Stopping/Switching your time tracking is now way easier and running time entries can be edited.
  • Timeular can now handle collisions in your timeline and make sure you reach the state of your timeline you want.
  • The status of your Tracker is now always visible so you can be sure what’s going on.
  • Download it here

1) Appearance

The weekly view is the all-new appearance of Timeular as a calendar like application. It gives you a view onto a whole week of your time data and allows you to easily spot gaps as well as things you might want to take a closer look at.

Seamlessly navigate through different weeks by using the week-by-week navigation or date picker. This allows you to easily check up on your time tracking for any weeks or discover time spending patterns across weeks.

You can easily zoom in and out to choose the level of detail you want to get on your data. So zoom out to get a rough overview over what you did when, or zoom in to get into the nitty gritty and inspect every short distraction and how it affected your day.

2) Time Entries

Time entries in your timeline give you all the needed information like activity, duration or note at a glance or by hovering over small entries. Time entries can be dragged and visually modified in the interface making it easier than ever to apply small changes.

With weekly view, creating, changing and deleting time entries has never been easier. Simply drag or click to create or edit a time entry, get smart input fields and elements to apply your changes and visually move time entries around using drag and drop. Time entries smartly snap into place so you don’t need to edit them later.

Consecutive small time entries are grouped together so they are not overlooked while giving you all the needed information and access to more details with just a click. This allows you to have a birds-eye view on the structure of your week, while still seeing little distractions that pop out.

In your time tracking, you can’t do two things at the same time (don’t get me started on multitasking ?). So weekly view helps you to deal with conflicts of different time entries in your timeline. If you change a time entry and it conflicts with others, Timeular now gives you a great overview of the situation and allows you to easily overwrite interferences or revert changes.

3) Tracking

With weekly view, starting, stopping and switching your time tracking is always just one click away. With all your activities visible at the sidelines, simply click the play/stop icons to change the current tracking. Add notes and tags to your current tracking right here to categorise your time and get great insights later.

4) Tracker Status

While all this gives you a great way to use the Timeular app, it all comes together with the Timeular Tracker. You can now always see the status of your Tracker right in the weekly view.

We at Timeular believe that getting a clear picture and overview over where one’s time goes is the best starting point for understanding habits and patterns and discovering things to improve. This is why we built Timeular 2.

Please let us know if you need help or have feedback for us. Happy to hear from you anytime.

Make your time count. ⏰

Team Timeular

P.S.: A humongous thank you to the whole team, Wolfgang, Oleksii, our alpha testers and all amazing people using Timeular every day and giving us such great feedback.
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