Helping the Austrian Red Cross keep track of time

With over 50 district offices spread across 150 locations, the Austrian Red Cross is one of the country’s biggest organizations. Its size and scale presents a huge logistical challenge for head office to understand exactly how time is being spent by its employees and volunteers.

The IT department at the Austrian Red Cross in Lower Austria bills its time to-the-minute worked per office. They started using Timeular after conducting a search for a time tracking solution that was simple to use and would ensure to-the-minute accuracy.

“We were looking for a solution from the EU – if possible from an Austrian company. It was through an external partner that we came across Timeular.”

Since adopting Timeular, the team has been able to improve the efficiency of their operations and keep exact time records of work performance, anytime and anywhere – whether it’s the IT department, urgent action team or sales representatives.

Timeular’s Shared Spaces feature has made it possible for the team to track time together and get insights highlighting exactly much time is been spent on projects. Within a Shared Space (eg. one location), the team admin is able to set activities for other team members to track their time against. This allows Austrian Red Cross HQ to exactly see how much time is being spent on specific activities and campaigns. The 24 hour delay of analytical data to Shared Spaces admins ensures that no members of the team feel micromanaged. The feature also builds employee confidence around data privacy. 

The Austrian Red Cross in Lower Austria also use data from the Timeular analytics dashboard to evaluate team performance and increase transparency around their billing processes. 

“Thanks to the very precise time recording, we can present our expenses transparently and make the costs comprehensible. This strengthens trust in our department.”

Timeular has brought with it many benefits to the teams at the Austrian Red Cross. Above all, it means staff can now spend more of their time where it is needed most – helping people in crisis, both in Austria and around the world.

Hundreds of organisations around the world are benefitting from introducing Timeular into their working practices – helping them to better understand how time is spent and optimize their operations. If you’d like to find out how Timeular can help your team, our sales team are available to discuss everything from arranging a pilot or demo, to answering questions about our platform.

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