New in the app: It’s now even easier to continue tracking and fill in gaps. Track time accurately.

Mind the gap! 🛑 🚂

Or not, actually, as with today’s Timeular desktop update (3.9.7) we’ve made it even easier to continue tracking after distractions and to add missed time entries.

We know that one of the principles our community values most is that when it comes to tracking time, Timeular should just work. So let’s rejoice with two small features out now that advance that principle.

Continue tracking where you left off. Track time accurately

We’re all familiar with the situation: you’re deep in focus on an important task, tracking the activity with tags. But then something ‘urgent’ distracts you. You flip the Tracker and deal with it before returning to the more important task. It’s important to track time accurately!

With today’s update you can just click the play button ▶️ on the previous entry and it’ll continue tracking it, inheriting the tags and notes, making it easier to pick up where you left off.

Check it out 👇

Fill time entry gaps easier

We’ve also made it simpler and more intuitive to add missed entries. Double-clicking a gap in the calendar fills the space between entries exactly or adds a placeholder to the red line/current time.

Try it yourself now. Just look out for the update banner in the desktop app to install the update 🎉