Meet the new Timeular Tracker: Same outside but different inside

Timeular Tracker New

As you all know, we take your feedback very seriously and after having shipped tens of thousands of Trackers to 100+ countries worldwide we’ve heard your most important needs loud and clear: faster, stronger and rechargeable.

Starting today we are shipping the new version of the Tracker to everyone. We focused on keeping the much-loved appreciated design and added a new inner core to provide you the following three most requested features enhancements.

1. Stronger and more reliable 💪

Together with our engineers, we’ve completely redesigned the internal antenna and improved the connectivity stack to provide you a 4x stronger and more reliable connection.

If you were experiencing unexpected disconnects in certain situations, they won’t happen anymore.

2. Lightning fast 🚀

We have partially rewritten parts of the Tracker firmware so it will react and connect 12x faster than before to provide you immediate feedback.

This is now the Lamborghini amongst Trackers. You hit the black button and it’s connected right away. You flip the Tracker and it tracks before your hands are back on your keyboard. You put it in the base and it stops tracking faster than you could can close your notebook.

3. Rechargeable ☀️

Time is the most limited and valuable resource and so is our planet. That’s why we’re gradually investing into in ways to create creating less waste.

While A few months ago we have reduced the waste of our packaging by 50% already, we have and with today’s release, we’ve now replaced the coin cell battery with a rechargeable battery to make the Tracker more sustainable and at the same time, as well as more affordable.

The cool thing is that you’ll will only have to recharge the Tracker 3-4 times a year using the included USB-C cable that you can attach to any charger or electronic device like your notebook. It’d be nice if all devices would only have to be recharged so rarely, right? 🙂

Timeular Tracker with USBC

Don’t just take our word for it.

Over the past couple of weeks a number of people have been receiving the new Tracker already, and here’s what they’ve been saying about it:

„One of the biggest differences between the first and the latest version of the Tracker is the fast connection set up. But this is not the only thing that’s better: the Tracker now also has a very fast reaction time and it is rechargeable!“
Florian V. Timeular Customer
Florian V.
„Timeular doesn’t only track my time - it also helped me stop multitasking. Seeing the up-facing side helps me keep the focus on the task that I should be working on right now.“
Tina Sa. Timeular Customer
Tina S.
„Pre-Timeular I never knew where my time was going, I’d often end up overcommitted and overwhelmed. Post-Timeular, I can see at a glance how my day has been spent and can call up a report to give my supervisor estimates on the fly.“
Timeular Customer Patricia S.
Patricia S.

If you want to get your hands on the new Tracker as well just head over to our online store and order one today.

Thank you for your time and your constant feedback,

Manuel and Team Timeular