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Do you have a busy schedule and struggle to remain productive throughout the day? Or maybe you find yourself being easily distracted by emails when you really should be finishing off that presentation? If this sounds familiar to you, there’s a simple technique that can help you take back control of your time and keep you on track to achieve your goals.

Introducing time blocking allows you to live proactively rather than reactively – giving you the time and space to tackle the most important tasks without losing focus or being easily distracted.

What is time blocking?

Time blocking is the practice of designing a plan for every task you intend to accomplish by the end of the day – assigning a specific start and end time for each activity. Filling your calendar with tasks you want to attend to will help you maintain focus and avoid distractions.

Here’s 5 steps to get started:

1. Start with priorities

Ask yourself why you need to use time management tools. Identifying priorities and goals will help you decide what to put on your schedule and where to allocate time blocks throughout the day.

2. Develop a booked template

Creating time blocks creates a structure to manage your time throughout the whole day. Don’t miss a step, not even the morning routine. It’s also important to allocate blocks to disconnect yourself from work and make time for family, friends and hobbies.

3. Dedicate time for shallow and deep tasks

After taking care of your personal priorities, it’s time to plan your workday. Dedicate enough time for deep tasks such as reading and writing. If possible, rise early and start your day by tackling meaningful work before you have breakfast. Then attend to your daily work and remember to set one hour aside to look at your emails. Make sure you allocated blocks for your productive work as well to enhance productivity.

4. Include blocks for reactive daily tasks

For time management tools to work, you have to be realistic with your time. Remember, there will be distractions such as calls to make, emails to answer, and meetings to attend. Time blocks can help you decide when to pay attention to a certain task rather than allow yourself to be distracted by something else.

Keeping your email inbox closed until the time you have set aside for emails will help increase your productivity too. You should also allocate dedicated blocks in your calendar that indicate when people can book you for meetings.

5. Have a-to-do list everyday

Create a do-to-list every day and fill the tasks into the suitable slots. Remember to separate shallow and deep tasks. Create a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Developing a time blocking system can prove a highly effective method in helping you make better use of your time, putting you in control of your working day and finding the space for the most important things in life.

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Kevin Devoto is a business consultant specializing in CRM and sales. He currently freelances as a writer and personal consultant.