How we’re working through the current situation (and how we can help)

Updated: April 22nd, 2020

Hi there

You’ve probably seen a number of these announcements by now, but I wanted to take a few moments to reassure you how Timeular is working through the current situation and what it means to you as either a valued customer or prospective customer.

Tracker deliveries

We have warehouses in both the US and Europe and all are operating. Orders to the following locations are delivering as normal:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • China
  • Israel
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Japan
  • Indonesia

If you’re located in a country/area not included in the above list, you can start using our great apps today for free. If you’d like us to notify you when we can ship to you again, please write to us.

If you have team members working from home, you’re welcome to have Trackers shipped directly to their homes/addresses. Either place individual orders or our sales team can assist if you have more than 10 you’re looking to order.

Customer support and software updates

You may not be aware, but Timeular is a remote company and has been for the past few years. We’re a team of 16 people dotted across Europe and North America, each working from home.

Given our team and infrastructure are distributed, our support, product and engineering teams will continue to provide the levels of support and app feature updates that you’re accustomed to, so you shouldn’t notice any changes.

Supporting people new to working from home

We’ve always been proponents of remote work and the benefits to productivity, work-life balance and just being there for the little moments that matter. And before now, for many, working from home was seen as a luxury. In the current context however there are considerably more important things to be thinking about.

As we all have a part to play in supporting one another, here are the things that we can help with or will be doing to help make the situation more bearable.

  • If one of the challenges you’re facing is to find balance between work and home life, we recommend to set yourself a daily goal, for example work max. 8 hours, track towards that and then stop.
  • If as a team you need help to ensure you’re spending time on the right things, our new Shared Spaces feature enables you to track time together (remotely), without the feeling that you’re virtually looking over each other’s shoulders.
  • If you’d like to learn how we’ve worked over the past few years remotely and some of the learnings we’ve accrued, we’ll be happy to share. Get in touch with us – [email protected]
  • If you could do with a little pick-me-up, look out on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram over the coming weeks for some fun competitions (who doesn’t like a good prize? 🙂)

Or if you’re just feeling like you need to chat, our friendly support team would welcome the conversation – [email protected]

Best wishes

Manuel and the rest of the Timeular team